Scouting Report: Nets Dancers

The Celtics take on the Nets in lovely New Jersey Saturday afternoon. My advanced scouting tells me a few things; the Nets dancers are hot, they like to wear costumes and are extremely flexible.

More pictures…after the jump. John…the last pic is just for you.


12 Responses

  1. #61 is HOT!!!

  2. I think 73 is having a heart attack! 59 gotta it going on!

  3. OMG the school girl costumes Me Likey!

  4. I bet the guy feels like a pimp for being around all those “Hot Cheerleaders”. Plus I bet theres a Viagra Ad on the jumbotron as this is going on.

    By the way these Scouting reports just keep getting better!

  5. I’m in love. :)

    BTW: Is it okay to root for one team and the dancers of another team? ;)

  6. I’d say it’s OK. I root for all dancers… especially ones who can do standing splits.

  7. Reminds me of some lyrics from an old rock n roll tune, Shake, Rattle, and Roll.

    “The way you wear those dresses..sun comes shinin’ through.”

    Doo dah doo, doo dah doo.

    The middle one.

  8. I think # 62 is Dick Cheney.

  9. 62 is smoookin’-she needs to lose the hat though…

  10. John and Chuck give us a headline for the Laker lose tonight – Don’t want to go overboard because we play Orlando next week. Howard is a monster 20/20 wow he made bidumb his bitch!

  11. Howard is definitely a physical monster, but he made several bonehead plays tonight that make me question his basketball IQ. I also saw him getting pushed around on the blocks by PAU GASOL. You’ve got to be kidding me, Dwight.

  12. I think John and Chuck double-teamed #83 at Emerson…she had pink hair and piercings back then…

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