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Zeke Is A P-I-M-P
June 30, 2007

Isaiah Thomas is a PimpIsaiah Thomas will do whatever it takes to win.  Except, of course, be competent at his job.  But everything else is in play.  Even if it takes pimping out a New York Knicks cheerleader so you can get a couple of extra calls:

The former Knicks executive who is suing coach Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment alleged in court papers that Thomas urged a cheerleader to flirt with referees and guard Stephon Marbury cursed at her, according to newspaper reports Saturday. 

“What she told me was that Isiah asked her to go into the referees’ locker room and make them happy”

Umm… I don’t think Isaiah wanted her to stop at flirting.  I think he wanted the refs to give her the ol “Dick Bavetta”.  I’d use more names as puns… but I actually looked up NBA referee names and the rest didn’t work.

So there it is.  That’s how bad it is in New York.  Isaiah Thomas has to resort to asking cheerleaders to blow refs.  What’s next?  Are you going to have Zach Randolph send his pit bulls after them at halftime? 

As usual… the lesson here is that Isaiah Thomas might be the biggest piece of crap around.

Yeah… Win Now
June 30, 2007

Danny AingeI don’t know what’s wrong with people.  Honestly.  I’m starting to think that these writers are being fed lead paint chips in the break room.  What’s setting me off now?  Mark Murphy’s piece in today’s Herald.

in trading away the fifth pick in a very deep draft last night – along with Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak (who filled the double ankle surgery matching requirement) – the Celtics just shortened their window.    Any shorter and they’ll bruise their fingers when the gap closes.

Do you have a problem with the Celtics winning now?  Because I don’t.   This is Danny’s 5th year of running the team.  How much longer are we going to give him?  Yes Danny… WIN NOW!   My favorite part of this all is the revisionist history.  Two months ago, the Celtics were too young, it was taking too long, we had too many players and they were mostly overvalued by Danny and the C’s.  Now we trade one of those young kids and a draft pick for Ray and we’re an “old team” that “suddenly needs to win now”. 

Here’s most important thing:  I did not hear anyone in March, after seeing all these guys in the NCAA tourney, say “wow… if we don’t get Oden or Durant… I’d be happy with Corey Brewer, Jeff Green, Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Brandan Wright or Al Thornton.”  No… everyone was writing and saying that it was Oden… Durant… or trade the pick.  What happened here?  Were people swayed by the workouts?  If that’s the case, then you’d better not EVER write about how a GM got duped by a “workout wonder.” 

So yeah… Danny needs to win now.  Because I’m sick of waiting.  He’s lucky he’s even getting a 5 year plan.  And let me tell you one thing: 1986 was a LOOONG time ago. 

Here’s some negative reaction to the Allen deal from John Hollinger and Bill Simmonsbut Ian Thomsen likes it

Also today (and I’ll make it quick this time): Theo Ratliff is more than just a name on a big contract.  He’s a person…. who hopes to play basketball:

“Theo can still help us. He and Perk together could really help us under the basket. Theo has been working extremely hard. He believes that he can be healthy, and I think this is going to be an important year for him, because he has a chance to earn a new contract.”

Well… that would be a nice surprise.  Shira Springer says Danny isn’t done dealing… because we can’t be a huge player in the free agent market.  And uh… what’s up with Sebastian Telfair?

He Still Got Game
June 30, 2007

Ray Allen still got gameMatty G makes it unanimous… likes the Ray Allen deal.  Matty explains, in detail, in his latest piece:

The only thing that can follow an eventful draft night like last night is a draft hangover. The morning that you grab your head, and really try to put together everything that happened the night before. With Steven A. Smith’s shouting still ringing in your ears, it’s hard to comprehend that not only was Joakim Noah wearing a ridiculously crazy bowtie, Isaiah Thomas traded for someone that will most likely get killed in New York, and Danny Ainge actually pulled off a pretty decent trade for an All-Star. As a bonus, Danny did it without giving up Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, and even that $11 Million contract that expires at the end of the season, better known as Theo Ratliff. Paul Pierce will finally have a name for that veteran help he has been asking for, and that name is Ray Allen.

(Continue reading the piece here)

Separated At Birth
June 29, 2007

joakim noahsideshow bob

Honestly… WTF is Joakim Noah wearing.  I’d beat up a dad at Target if he brought his son in for pictures in that get-up. 

 Hey Joakim… you know… you’re going to be pretty rich.  You could have borrowed nice suit and paid the tailor back later.  You didn’t have to go all Andre 3000 on us.

The Boston Sonics?
June 29, 2007

Now that Ray Allen is a Celtic… there is speculation that the Celtics want his backcourt mate, Rashard Lewis.

The Sonics can offer Lewis more money than any other team in the league. But Allen said he thinks that once Lewis sees the direction of the team, he may request a sign-and-trade deal with another team that would give Sonics general manager Sam Presti the chance to get some talent in return. Houston, the New York Knicks, Portland and Boston are expected to contact Lewis’ agent on July 1 and express an interest in signing him.

I’ve said all along I don’t want Rashard Lewis… and you know this deal would somehow going to involve Gerald Green.  At this point… this isn’t a slight bit more than nothing… which means its barely something. 

The Morning After
June 29, 2007

So I’ve slept on it… I’ve had my coffee… I’ve considered all of the arguments… and I still like the deal for Ray Allen.  Scroll down for my argument… it hasn’t changed.  We’re in a position to go with what we’ve got… or to make another deal.  Of course… some of the local frauds columnists are twisting things to make an argument… like Dan Shaughnessy:

Of course, there is the distinct possibility that the Celtics are not yet done. Makes sense. Maybe they still can get Kevin Garnett and storm the Eastern Conference with fossils Pierce, Allen, and Garnett.

You know… it’s funny… last week everyone was saying how Paul Pierce is in his prime RIGHT NOW… and we’ve either got to get him help or trade him and start over.  Now we got him a guy who only a couple of years older and suddenly everyone is a fossil.  Hey Shaughnessy… isn’t there a Babe Ruth column you should be writing? 

Let’s just blow through the rest of the links here:

Herald: Celts Land Ray Of Hope  |  Ray Allen Is Saying The Right Things It Worked Out For Jeff Green 

Bulpett does drop this nugget:

According to one source, the Celts still aren’t sure whether they should close the door on a trade for Kevin Garnett, though Minnesota was looking for the fifth pick, as well as Jefferson, to make that work

Peter May hits that Danny might be looking at a trade deadline deal… Other Globe links are Shira Springer’s take on the trade and a piece on our 2nd round picks.

And our friends over at WBZ have done it again.  They’ve posted more reaction from the Celtics brass than you’ll find anywhere else.  We’ve got 8 minutes of Doc and Danny talking about last night.  And they’ve even got reaction from Tommy Heinsohn.

We’ll be posting a lot more throughout the day… so check back often.  We’re always here to serve you, the loyal Celtics fan.  I’m not going to make a ton of bold claims here… I’m just going to say that on one of the most important nights for the Celitcs over the past 10 years… many Celtics fans were seeing this:

While others were seeing this… on draft night

Just an FYI

Oh What A Night
June 28, 2007

Wow… this was a wild night for Celtics fans.  Let’s look at what we’ve got:

Ray Allen is going to be a Celtic

ray allen in a celtics uniformWe like this deal.  The key thing to remember was how we felt at the end of the season.  The OVERWHELMING sentiment was if we don’t get Oden or Durant, we need to trade the pick because getting younger doesn’t help us.  Most people said we needed veteran help and to shorten our rotation.  This does both… while also adding an All-Star calibur player without trading away Gerald Green or Al Jefferson.  We’re also keeping Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract… which is valuable as a bargaining chip or as cap space to resign Jefferson.  Is it a GREAT deal?  Probably not.  But is it a good deal?  We think so.

One note:  We’re really going to miss Delonte West.  Man… I just like him.

Glenn Davis, Gabe Pruitt

gabe pruitt

glenn How can you not love having a guy named “Big Baby” on the team?  That’s got all sorts of potential.  Plus… fat guys will have someone to root for.  You know… last year, Davis would have gone much higher in the draft.  As far as I’m concerned, this is a flyer on a low-post guy who can come in and knock some people around.  He and Leon Powe can go beat the piss out of one another and the last man standing can make the team.  Pruitt is not a guy I saw much of, but he seems like the athletic guard that Danny likes.  He’s probably an upgrade over Allan Ray at this point.. which might mean bad news for those of you who are already giddy over the possibility of Allan Ray and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time. 

Not a bad night overall for the Celtics.  There is some division over the Ray Allen deal… which is understandable.  I don’t think the C’s are done moving pieces, though.

June 28, 2007

The Boston Celtics have made a trade for an All-Star… just not any of the All-Stars we heard about until today.  Ray Allen will be a Boston Celtic.

Boston will get Ray Allen and the 35th pick in this draft.

Seattle gets the 5th pick(Jeff Green) Wally Szczerbiak, and Delonte West. 

 “Boston really pursued this. What started as a smaller conversation became fulfilled. Their pursuit was impeccable,” said new Sonics’ general manager Sam Presti

There are some who have concerns about Ray’s health:

Allen underwent surgery in April on both of his ankles. He called it a season in late March, unable to tolerate the pain in his left ankle as a result of inflammation from bone spurs. Statistically, it was the seven-time All-Star’s finest season scoring, averaging 26.4 points per game, including a career-best 54-point performance against Utah in January. But the ankle and an early season foot injury limited Allen to just 55 games.

ray allen in a celtics jersey

Here We Go
June 28, 2007

NBA 2007 Draft Class

It’s draft night…. and we’re excited.  ESPN’s coverage is under way… and immediately I notice that everyone is wearing very subdued suits… except for Joakim Noah.  He looks like Farnsworth Bentley.

Our LIVE DRAFT COVERAGE can be found hereOur call in show at 8pm can be found here.  Enjoy it everyone!

Ray-Ray Rumors
June 28, 2007

ray allen in a celtics uniformThe Celtics are making a strong push for Ray Allen. Here’s the latest by Ian Thomsen of 

The proposal being negotiated by Seattle and Boston would send Allen to the Celtics for a package including the No. 5 pick, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West. The last I heard was that Seattle was having second thoughts about the deal: The sticking point was that the Sonics wanted second-year point guard Rajon Rondo instead of West, which led Boston VP Danny Ainge to demand that Seattle also include center Robert Swift in the trade. But Seattle was unwilling to include Swift. It remained to be seen whether the Sonics and Celtics can patch it up.

I like the deal, if they are unable to get Marion or Garnett obviously. But I can’t imagine Danny would part with Rondo.

Here’s what Ray is owed over the next 3 years: $16,000,000, $17,388,430, $18,776,860


Andy Katz during ESPN’s coverage says this deal is going on at a very high level… and it would mean Seattle takes Jeff Green