Seattle Is About To Get Really Good

30 year olds are supposed to be just entering the prime of their professional careers. They’re supposed to start making the moves that prove their worth… and that will someday lead them to a pretty good position in their chosen field. They’re not, however, expected to have already reached the top.

Enter Sam Presti, whom we’ve mentioned before. He’s now the leading candidate to run the Seattle Sonics. How is that possible? The last sentence of that piece pretty much says it all:

After graduating from Boston’s Emerson College in 2000, Presti joined the Spurs as a summer intern. He has gotten a promotion almost every season since, and has implemented the Spurs’ scouting database. He is credited with first spotting Spurs point guard Tony Parker, whom the Spurs drafted with the 29th pick in 2001

Let’s go over that again. He was an intern 7 years ago. Now he’s going to run the Sonics. Interns don’t get paid. GM’s get paid close to a million bucks a year. He’s personally responsible for Tony Parker’s career (which includes marrying Eva Longoria). Now he’s going to run Seattle… which, oh by the way, is going to get either Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Yeah… he’s good at what he does.

Hey Danny Ainge… what have you done over the past 5 years while some kid in his 20’s was helping construct the NBA’s current dynasty? Dismantling a once proud franchise to point where we all let ping pong balls dictate our future? Umm… yeah… that’s something to be proud of too.

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