Kobe Is A Douchebag, Part 2

Kobe and his wifeTell-all books don’t come out because the writer likes the subject.  There is usually some level of “I’ll show you” or “you don’t want to pay me?  Fine, I’ll get paid myself” that goes along with someone wanting to write a book like that.  That makes them a little hard to believe right off the bat, because sometimes things can get embellished.

However…. a tell-all book is about to come out that claims, among other things, that Kobe Bryant wanted to kill the witness in his rape case… and that he cheats on his wife often and takes part in orgies.

Holy crap.  If even some of that is true then this is a hell of a story.  And here’s the other thing about tell-all books:  even though some of the information can be difficult to trust… they also don’t come out unless there is at least something to tell.  It’s just like the old “big fish” stories… you can’t lie about the size of the fish until you’ve at least caught something.


4 Responses

  1. This Patrick Graber was NOT ever Kobe’s Bodyguard. He is a Swedish national who followed the Kobe case on the Internet and sent an e-mail offering to murder Kate Faber. Kobe’s Security team found the e-mail and the FBI then arrested him.

    He is an internet loon trying to make money off someone who had him arrested. Do your research.

  2. Hey… the post I wrote tempers the whole thing. I say right away that at least some of every book like this is exaggerated and untrue.

    However… many of my readers hate Kobe as much as I do… so I figured I’d pass it along. Research is for jerks.

    I’m going to write a book: “Kobe is a Douchebag”

    It’ll be all of my posts on how much of a douchebag Kobe Bryant is. He’s talented as hell… but that only makes him a talented douchebag.

  3. Patrick Graber is a SWISS national and he WAS Kobe’s personal bodyguard. Besides, whether Kobe raped the girl or not it was about time this book came out! I like Kobe and I think he’s an amazing athlete. But sometimes people tend to replace athletisim with innocence, as they say.. the truth always comes out in the end and I suspect this book might be just what was missing in the equation. And Kobe, as much as I love your undeniably amazing talent-the rapists must be separated from the real players and shamed. Just because you’re a star,dont mean you can get away with anything. Let’s read and concetrate on the facts people!



  4. Dear Stan Lowe

    I know Graber personally. He is not really very simpatic because he is a military fanatic. But first of all, he is SWISS and not Swedish and secondly he was Kobe’s bodyguard and the paied him to take away the attention from the Kobe rape case. What he wrights in his book seems to be trough but the whole book is also a monument Graber build for him self. Graber wants to become a celebrity because he was a bodyguard of many celebrities but this book is definitely the wrong way to become popular in LA.

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