Bring In The Big Gun: AK-47

Somebody woke up the Globe’s Peter May and told him to start chiming in on the Celtics trade rumors. He’s saying the C’s should forget about Garnett and Marion and make a move for Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko. You know what? I agree with him. All along John and I (yes, I’m actually giving him credit for something) have been clamoring for the C’s to make a move for a lesser star (see Gasol, Paul) and finally a big name writer is jumping on our bandwagon.

If the Celtics sent Gerald Green, West, the fifth pick, and Ratliff for Kirilenko and the 25th pick, it’d work. You could also insert Jefferson and Telfair into the mix instead of Green and West, but, again, I’d think long and hard about dealing Jefferson.

It makes sense. C’mon Danny, make it happen.

Is our friendly competitor, Celticsblog,  finally up and running yet? I heard they had a major meltdown this weekend. Not that I’d wish a virus or anything like that on our sworn enemy. I hope they get things worked out for the draft. If not, you can be sure that Redsarmy will be fully staffed.

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