Blockbuster Deal In The Works??

You want a blockbuster deal to kick off the NBA offseason?  Here it is:

The Los Angeles Times cited league sources on Monday saying that the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves are in discussions that could bring Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles.

Trade discussions have involved the Lakers, Wolves, Pacers and possibly a fourth team. The report says that the Lakers would get Garnett, while the Pacers would land Los Angeles forward Lamar Odom and center Andrew Bynum. The Wolves would likely acquire a lottery pick and young players. Another team would also have to be involved to make the deal work financially.

Hmmm… a 4th team.  Well… we are a Celtics site after all.  Enter Chad Ford and this bit of speculation

After speaking with a league source, I think the deal has some legs, though it doesn’t appear imminent.

According to the source, the key to completing the deal is finding a fourth team that would (a) take Jermaine O’Neal and (b) send the Timberwolves enough pieces to complete the deal.

For instance, here’s one scenario that could work:

The Wolves send Kevin Garnett and Marko Jaric to the Lakers.

The Lakers send Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum to the Pacers and the No. 19 pick to the Wolves.

The Pacers send Jermaine O’Neal to the Celtics.

The Celtics send the No. 5 pick, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green and Sebastian Telfair to Minnesota.

So in essence… the Celtics would trade Theo, #5, Gerald and Telfair for Jermaine O’Neal.

Sign…  Me… Up!

4 Responses

  1. Wait a minute. This deal actually makes sense, for all parties involved. Danny should pull the trigger on this in a heartbeat.

  2. as long as big al stays a celtic along with key pieces for the future (rondo, gomes, perk, etc) do it right now! that way we can be sure not to draft that tranny noah!

  3. uhh well one problem, we will be losing gerald green, come on O’neil has not been good in 2 years and thats all we get come on we are losing green number 5 pick sebastian (dont care bout him) for O’neil not a good deal im telling you as long as we keep gerald and jefferson out of the trades and oh of course peirce we will be better off

  4. Good thing the Lakers did not go on with the trade. Lakers need Bynum in the team. He is perfectly what every coach wanted for their big man. He also has a lot of improvements this season compared to the last.

    Los Angeles Lakers Forever

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