Calm Before The Storm

It is July 10th.  Tomorrow is July 11th.  July 11th is the day NBA teams can start signing free agents.  A few players have already come to agreements (Chauncey Billups in Detroit, Grant Hill in Phoenix, Rashard Lewis in Orlando)… but a few more are still out there. 

Everyone wants to talk about who we can get with the Mid Level Exeption.  But I don’t think many answers lie in free agency (despite Doc’s desperate, on-air plea to free agents during the first summer league game).  Not to belabor the point, but the C’s are heading back into the same territory they were in last year:  too many players for the few spots we have on the floor.  It just makes sense that 2 or 3 guys are on their way out.  The big man crop is thin at best.  Some people might be looking at Darko Milicic, who is young and has the potential to be pretty good.  But while you’re thinking MLE money, he’s asking for $10 mil… which would mean sign-and-trade… and I don’t think the pieces can be worked out in that scenario.

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Other MLE possibilities (but guys who might sign elsewhere for more than that) are Joe Smith, Jamaal Magloire, Kurt Thomas and Mikki Moore.  Are any of these guys really the answer?

We’re waiting for the C’s to make that next splash they keep promising.  All of the signs are pointing to a trade… and all of the signs are pointing to a trade for a big man and using the MLE to sign a veteran PG like Chucky Atkins or Chuck’s favorite… Brevin Knight.  A lot of signs were pointing a lot of ways last year too… and nothing happened.  The problem with that is bad things happen when you give Doc Rivers too many options.  We need to limit Doc’s choices to 8 or 9 players tops… or else we’re going to be having  A LOT of discussions about rotations this upcoming season.

Here are the links:

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