Oh… Oh Kevin…

kevin mchale looking fatJeez Kevin… you really let yourself go, huh? 

I mean… I know it’s tough to get old… but this is just so…. so….


The Celtics absolutely destroyed the Chinese national team 80-52 .  Leon Powe had another really good game (23 pts, 12 reb).  Yi Jianlian sucked about as bad as suck can suck.  Rondo did a nice job scoring early.

2 thoughts coming out of this game:

1) Clifford Ray is huge.  My GOD, man… he could crack me open like a lobster.  He’s 3 Rondo’s wide.  Let me tell you something… Wherever Clifford Ray goes… he’s the baddest man in that room.  He makes Leon Powe look small… and Leon is a big dude.  If you haven’t been able to catch the game… watch the noon replay on FSNE… or head over to Loy’s Place.  They’ve been posting full games.  Just look for Clifford Ray standing in huddles.  You need a sled dog team to traverse his shoulders.  You need a sherpa to get from his calfs to his head… and you’d have to make base camp in the small of his back. 

Get my point?  He’s HUGE.

2)  Was that female referee hot?  She sure looked hot from where I was sitting.  I mean.. that shirt looked tight on her… and in the right places… you know what I mean?  I’d apologize to the women reading… but I know you were looking at Leon Powe’s ass while I was looking at the female ref… so I don’t feel bad at all.

Hey… Darko Milicic signed with Memphis.  They’re either doing a twin towers thing… or Pau Gasol is suddenly expendable.  At $7 mil a year… he’s cheaper than Pau.  Hey Chris Wallace…. how does Theo and Gerald for Pau sound?

And finally… a picture of Paul Pierce playing soccer.  I guess that means his foot is better.  paul pierce playing soccer


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  2. I made the same comment durning the game about the female ref. Glad to see it wasn’t just me.


  3. any pictures of this hot female ref?

  4. I’ve looked… none. Her name wasn’t even the box score when I checked. I’ll look again, though.

  5. As fat as McHale looks, the pic of Pierce shows that he has trimmed down. Nice. I need to see pics of the the lady ref.

  6. If anyone finds a good shot of her… send them to me and I’ll post them: john@redsarmy.com

    I haven’t seen anything at all

  7. Now that you mention that Paul Pierce picture….. is that a tatoo on his left arm?? It’s hard to tell. It probably isn’t but I was just wondering if anyone else sees it.

  8. Yeah… I was wondering about that too… But if you look at this picture:

    You’ll notice the sweatband that he always wears over it.

    He’s also got a huge tattoo on his back… I think it’s an angel… probably something to do with being stabbed a million times and not dying.

  9. Yeah, I’ve seen the one on his back. I’m not a fan of tatoos, but that one is certainly understandable.

  10. […] Oh… Oh Kevin… [image]Jeez Kevin… you really let yourself go, huh?  I mean… I know it’s tough to get old… but […] […]

  11. gerald is gonna be a superstar. they shoulda traded for a guy like pau in the first place in the draft and just had gerald start at the SG spot he earned last season (finally at the end). i like the allen trade but it woulda been much better if they did that and got camby or pau or JO or any big man to play next to big al. starting gerald woulda been great next to pierce. him, rondo and big al need to be untouchable! go celts! gerald will be better than ray by the end of next season. GO CELTS!!!

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