Things I Learned In Summer League

Yeah… it’s only a week… but it might as well be a lifetime.  You make so many new friends… you learn so many new things… you experiment with so many people in that dark spot underneath the pier.  Yeah… summer camp was great.

Oh… summer LEAGUE.  Yeah… you learn stuff there too.

I learned that Gerald Green is definitely not there yet.  It’s something we discussed in last night’s call in show… and it’s something that was brought up in today’s Herald.  He shot about 30% for the summer league.  That’s not good.

kevin mchale has put on a bit of weightI learned that Kevin McHale is a B cup now.  Either that, or he’s 6 months pregnant.  I guess that would make Danny the top and Kevin the bottom… which makes sense after hearing Kevin gush about the Ray Allen trade.

“He and (Paul) Pierce at the 2 and 3 are potentially as potent as any twosome in the Eastern Conference. The 2 and 3 are key positions in our league right now.. . . So they’re going to be strong at two positions you really need to be strong at to score in our league now.”

We happen to agree with Kevin.kevin mchale in his slimmer days  We’d just prefer to remember him as the hot-pants wearing power forward who had limbs like an orangutan but who’d torch you for 30. 

Peter May learned that Rajon Rondo is cleary the man at the point… and right now there is a pretty big drop off when Gabe Pruitt runs the show.

And the Celtics need assistant coaches… but not many of them want to come here.  This I don’t get.  Assistants are teachers too… especially with a young team.  It’s not ALL on the head coach to teach everyone.  Everyone knows that… right Danny.  Danny?

And did you know that Lance Allred is 75% deaf?  Yeah, me neither.  Now you do.

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3 Responses

  1. Summer league means nothing. I remember the year we had a rookie play really well in summer league and Celtics fans were calling him the next great thing. Know where he is now? Out of the league
    (not my site)

  2. I agree… there is virtually nothing you can take out of great summer league performances….

    but I think you might want to be a least a little concerned with bad performances. Not worried… not demanding guys be shipped out of town…. just… you know… keep an eye on it.

  3. That is true. You can lose a job in a summer league. IMO though it doesn’t mean anything overall.

    (not my site)

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