Did David Stern Know?

If the New York Daily News is right… David Stern and the NBA KNEW that Tim Donaghy had a gambling habit.  They sent a private investigator to look into that gambling habit.  And all the while, they let him referee games.

“(The private investigator) asked, ‘Does he gamble?’ ” said Kit Anstey, 60, a real estate agent in West Chester, Pa. “I said, ‘Yes.’ ”  Anstey told the investigator — who said she worked for a local firm hired by the NBA — that Donaghy bet on golf games, neighborhood poker games and at an Atlantic City casino. The prober never asked Anstey whether Donaghy bet on pro basketball games.

Now… I’m a gambler myself.  And if I were to be investigated by the Red’s Army corporate office… they’d find I go to a casino to play blackjack and I wager on the occasional golf hole.  I even had money riding on my fishing trip yesterday (and thank you Mr. 32 pound striped bass… lucrative AND tasty).  The point is… it’s possible the NBA might not have found evidence he bet on games.  But they knew enough to look into his habits… so asking David Stern how much he knew is a legit question.

Of course… only in the NBA can a referee who is shaving points get an above average performance review.  I wonder what you have to do get a bad one? 

tim donaghyTim Donaghy is going to help the feds with their investigation into his gambling activities.  It’s the right thing to do… unless you’re in the mafia.  Then it’s the wrong thing to do:

NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who’s being investigated by the FBI for betting on games he worked, had local lawmen at his Florida home Sunday because of threatening phone calls he’s received

Just a word of advice there Tim… becareful going through tollbooths… or else we’ll start calling you Sonny Corleone. 

Donaghy is turning himself in tomorrow… then a couple of mob bookies are going to be hauled in.  Then the NBA has to fix the image problem that its referees have.  Of course… everyone thinks the image problem came up after this scandal… when it’s really been a problem for quite some time.  

Here is more evidence of Donaghy games and how point spreads weren’t covered.

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