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Posey Suspended
August 31, 2007

I guess we’ll have to wait one game for Posey’s Celtics debut. Here’s the latest from

James Posey of the Boston Celtics has been suspended without pay for one game for pleading nolo contendre to reckless driving, in violation of the law of the State of Florida, the NBA announced today.

Posey will serve his suspension when the Celtics open the 2007-08 regular season against Washington on Nov. 2 at TD Banknorth Garden.

Getting Defensive
August 31, 2007

kg is angryGarnett.  Posey.  Thibodeau. 

The Boston Celtics… a team that went stretches last year playing worse defense than the chair in Yi Jianlian’s drills… are suddenly becoming a lock-down team.

The Celtics officially hired Tom Thibodeau yesterday to become their newest assistant coach.  He’s supposed to be a defensive whiz… and he’s got some toys to play with.  Once everyone is healthy, we could see a line up of good defensive players that includes Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen, James Posey and Kevin Garnett. 

So here is a list of deficiencies from last year that we addressed this off season:  Excessive youth, an overcrowded roster, lack of scoring beyond Pierce, lack of defense/rebounding, defensive/offensive assistants to help Doc Rivers.

I’ve been tough on Danny… but you gotta hand it to the guy.  He really addressed a lot.

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Asterisk My A**
August 30, 2007

I noticed this on CelticsBlog.  It was an item buried on TrueHoop.  And all it is… is a reader’s comment:

TrueHoop reader Sadaqat: “Ironically, Boston needs some youth. And I hate what they are doing. Mortgaging everything for a title. If they do win one, it should have an asterisk. This wasn’t a real team it was a bought team.”

It must have been paste-eaters day on TrueHoop.  Maybe this person is one of the moron Lakers fans who posted here recently.  But there’s no “buying” a team in a league with a salary cap.  Since when is trading players “buying” a team?

This has been eating at me for a whole day.  I need a life.

All Aboard!
August 30, 2007

When you’re hot… people come out of the woodworks to bask in your glow.  For the first time in a long time… that’s a “problem” for the Celtics.  More specifically… it’s a problem for some of us die-hards that paid attention for 82 games of “let’s play hard and lose.”

Today… guest columnist Pat McGregor expresses his disdain for the bandwagoners that are sure to start showing up at the Garden just to be seen.  (Links to follow the column)


All Aboard
By Pat McGregor

Before the Red Sox made the playoffs in 2003, the Red Sox and their fans were a lot closer to the Celtics than you might have thought. The stadium, prior to contrary belief, did not sell out consistently, there was a negative aura around the team, and only the true die-hard fans cared enough to watch. Sounds pretty much like the Celtics of the past two or three years doesn’t it? When the Sox made their original run in 03, and moved on to win it all in 04, they became an entirely different entity. All of a sudden everyone was a Red Sox fan, you couldn’t get tickets, and there are more groups of 20-something girls all dolled up for a night on the town at Fenway Park than groups of true long time fans. I’ve been suffering with the C’s for the past few years, watching just about every game, in that half filled arena, hoping for the day when Celtics games mattered once again. Now that they do, and we expect them to at least go deep into the playoffs, I’d like to discuss the downside of having a good team like the one the Celts have become, the bandwagon fans.


Rafer Alston Stabbed A Guy
August 29, 2007

rafer alstonI don’t know if Rafer thought that he’d get away with something like this because Ookie Vick is taking all the heat right now…. but Skip To My Lou has been arrested for the second time in a month… this time for slashing someone in the neck.

Alston, 31, who hails from Jamaica, Queens, was charged with felony assault after a 3 a.m. brawl at Stereo. He is accused of slashing Wilbert Ashman, 41, of Uniondale, L.I., in the right side of his neck.

If Alston pleads guilty or is found guilty, he faces an automatic suspension, with David Stern determining the length of his ban

Clearly, there’s no real Celtics news out there today.  I will link to tenaciousT’s post on Celtics 17… which should put a capper on the whole “Accidental Contender” thing.  He made the comment here… I wrote a piece… CelticsBlog put it up and it got a ton of people talking about it (and ripping me)… and now T ends the circle of life. 

Hey… this came out of nowhere.  The Bucks signed Yi.  The Puerto Rican team thought they could beat Team USA.  They got crushed 117-78.  Kevin Garnett was at Eddie Griffin’s funeral.

The Ring
August 28, 2007

miami heat championship ringI brought it up a couple of posts ago… and all of the headlines about the Posey signing made some sort of reference to it.

So here’s a close look at it.

It’s the Miami Heat championship boulder ring.

It weighs 34 pounds, has 2,411 diamonds, and… I don’t know what I’m talking about.  I tried to count the diamonds in this thing but I stopped when the jeweler’s monacle permanently fused to my eyeball. 

Throw a couple of emeralds into that thing, and we’ve got a nice Celtics ring. 

I’m Just Like Rajon Rondo
August 28, 2007

rajon rondoI can’t tell you how many times I’ve been compared to Rajon Rondo. 

He’s a super-quick NBA point guard who frustrates the hell out of the opposition… and I frustrate the hell out of my wife because she thinks I’m also way too quick.

He can’t hit an open jump shot… and I’ve been bricking them since I was 11.  He’s a young, 6’1″ black kid…. and I’m… um… well… I have more of an “aging republican” kinda look going.  But I do wear a headband to the office.

I’m a blogger… and so is he.  He’s just the latest guy to have a Yardbarker blog…. and wouldn’t you know it… he’s got the same nicknames for everyone that I do!

I lost a lot of my homies due to the trades this summer. Telfair (Bassy), Green (G$), Jefferson (AJ), Gomes (Gomez)…congrats man on the wedding, West (D West), and Ray (A Reezy)

I’d like to take credit for finding this first… but of course it was FLCeltsFan who dug this up

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Look At That Ring
August 27, 2007

james poseyJames Posey has what we all want.

That ring looks like someone rolled a hockey puck in diamonds.  When the Celtics win one, will they give one to each of the intrepid bloggers who kept the interest up while the team was as appealing as the stomach flu?

Didn’t think so.

I also didn’t think we’d be hearing a player say this about signing with the Celtics:

“It was tough to see other guys sign with different teams.  Every summer is different and I guess everything happens for a reason. I waited, and I was patient, and I’m finally here in a great situation.”

Hah… the Celtics are a great situation.  I mean… we knew that… but it’s still weird to hear.  It’s like the dorky girl in school suddenly got contacts and the braces came off.  Last year, no one wanted to dance with her… now she’s turning guys down for the prom. 

The Accidental Contender
August 27, 2007

danny aingeIdeas are always born in strange places.  Someone will say something that pops an idea in your head… and it makes you realize something that makes you want to write.  Yesterday, that idea came from the comments section of our Total Overhaul post.  Suddenly, we realized that Danny is building us a potential champion… by accident.  We are now The Accidental Contender:

Danny Ainge is stumbling through what might be an historic offseason for the Boston Celtics. Every move he wanted to make this offseason has fallen through… leading him to look in another direction. The funny thing is, that other direction, has built us a contender  (continue reading)

Hey… I’ll take it however I can get it.  But I just want to make it absolutely clear that this is not turning out how Danny Ainge had intended.  It’s almost as if Chauncey Gardner suddenly started running the Celtics.

It’s a good thing I wrote something because the local scribes didn’t.  That’s ok… it’s not like Celtics fans want any insight or anything.  Oh wait… you do?

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Total Overhaul
August 26, 2007

james posey and atoine walkerTalk about starting over.

We’ve been sitting here all offseason talking about this person and that one… trade rumor this and draft pick that.  And now that the C’s seem to be done making moves (they’ll be out of money once they sign James Posey and their 2 second rounders) it’s time to step back and look at the house that hasn’t just been renovated.  It’s be rebuilt.  It’s amazing to look at the roster and see all of the names that are not there.

This week, Danny Ainge will put the finishing touches on a roster that will be almost 180 degrees from of the one that managed to win 24 games last year.  The C’s carried a maximum 15 players last year (and they even got that waiver to add a 16th, Kevinn Pinkney). 

Only 6 remain.

Comparisons to last year can be tossed into the recycling bin.  A team that once took the floor with an average age in the early 20’s… is now 10 years older.  A team that had question marks on defense now has at least 3 perimeter defenders and 1 on the blocks.  A team that relied on 1 star to carry the load now has 3. 

(continue reading… and today’s links… after the jump)