Getting Defensive

kg is angryGarnett.  Posey.  Thibodeau. 

The Boston Celtics… a team that went stretches last year playing worse defense than the chair in Yi Jianlian’s drills… are suddenly becoming a lock-down team.

The Celtics officially hired Tom Thibodeau yesterday to become their newest assistant coach.  He’s supposed to be a defensive whiz… and he’s got some toys to play with.  Once everyone is healthy, we could see a line up of good defensive players that includes Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen, James Posey and Kevin Garnett. 

So here is a list of deficiencies from last year that we addressed this off season:  Excessive youth, an overcrowded roster, lack of scoring beyond Pierce, lack of defense/rebounding, defensive/offensive assistants to help Doc Rivers.

I’ve been tough on Danny… but you gotta hand it to the guy.  He really addressed a lot.

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3 Responses

  1. After what happened last time. I’m almost afraid to respond. lol. (ducks)

    But you’re right. The over abundance of players who need minutes to grow their games has disappeared, hasn’t it?

    Actually they’ve moved to Minnesota.

    New year. New problems. Until we win a title, there will always be something, right?

    I’m thinking Duncan for Scalabrine and a trade exception.


    If I see an article on that tomorrow….. I’m leaving town. J/K

    great job – as always. Our defense can only get better and I’m sure it will.

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