Charley Rosen… Still An Idiot

charley rosenEveryone’s favorite nudist is back (that picture still freaks me out… put some clothes on… or at least shave your shoulders.)

Charley Rosen is puzzled by the Celtics pick-ups.  And he’s handing out grades.  I guess he’s giving James Posey a little leeway:

JAMES POSEY – This could possibly be the jewel of Ainge’s free-agent signings. At his best, Posey is a lock-down defender and a consistent plugger of treys. However, Posey hasn’t been in game-shape since his breakout 2003-04 season with Memphis.

Grade – Anywhere from A-plus to D, depending on Posey’s off-season workouts.

Way to give yourself some wiggle room,  Charley.   “I think he’ll be anywhere from crappy to great… it all depends.”  Can I apply that logic to the rest of everyday life?  What if weathermen told us “It will be anywhere from torrential rain to sunny and 90… it depends.”  Or what if a doctor says “This can be anything from just a scratch… to something that will kill you before you get to your car… who knows.”

Elsewhere: Celticsblog interviewed Bill RussellFLCelts fan doesn’t like centers in the high post… and One time Celtic Justin Reed likes the reefer.  Are kids still calling it reefer?  I know they still call it weed… even though these two morons at Northeastern don’t know how to sell it.  I used to know people who were very dumb, and very high… a lot… and they weren’t even dumb enough to do that.


3 Responses

  1. Weathermen do that all the time, when they say “theres a 50% chance of rain”

  2. So Rosen rips Ainge for not signing Brevin Knight, then he gives the Clippers a C+ for signing him, just one grade up from House? He’s a moron.

    Plus, Rosen doesn’t grasp the concept of finding shooters to space the floor…thus making it harder for defenses to collapse on Pierce/Garnett.

  3. I could not agree with FLCelts fan any more!! We need perk down low at all times!!

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