Red Would Have Done It Too

bill belichick and randy mossFunny thing about all this Patriots “spying” crap….

Red Auerbach would have done it too if he could have. 

Let’s be honest here.  Red gave opposing teams locker rooms that required guys to get dressed in shifts.  He jacked up the heat… probably to dangerous levels.  He was a genius… and he did everything he could to gain and advantage.

 Yes… Bill Belichick broke rules… and his team was punished.  I have a hard time believing that Red wouldn’t have pulled the same stunt if the sport of basketball involved all those hand signals at the time. 

By the way… I thoroughly enjoyed the Pats grabbing their collective crotches and saying “camera this” to the rest of America.  As a fan, it’s an awesome feeling.  You just knew it was coming.  You never… NEVER… give the Pats something to prove.  Does America now hate the Patriots?  Yes.  I say good.  No…. I say GREAT… we’ll give you even more reason to hate us.

And you know what’s better than that?

That’s a feeling we could very possibly get with the Celtics soon.  If it all comes together… if they all play the way they’re supposed to play and approach the game with that same business-like demeanor… we could be a bunch of green-wearing, hated-by-the world, Celtics fans.

Being hated is a powerful feeling.  It’s no wonder the Pats use it so well.  When the rest of the world hates you… it fills you with that “F-You” attitude that can just propel you.  Even as a fan, you get that taste.  Imagine being in a locker room full of people who have that same “us against them” attitude?  Use it the right way… and you can go far.

Oh… by the way… the same stuff goes on in the NBA.

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13 Responses

  1. The “everyone’s doing it” argument is such a cop-out. Half of baseball took steriods during the late 90s, does that mean we should cut Barry Bonds a break? You have to draw the line somewhere. And don’t taint the legacy of the great Red Auerback by lumping him into the same scuzz-bucket where Bill Belicheat resides.

  2. The games are so different, it’s foolish to compare them. An NFL play can unfold in 4-5 seconds, and you run it just once before there’s a break in the action. In the NBA, you can take 3-4 times that…and if the spacing isn’t what you like, you can run the same play again in the same time frame. It’s so apples and oranges.

  3. You’re just pissed that the Patriots look like they’ll win every game by 25 points this year

  4. Hey Chuck man, its Red Auerbach not “Auerback.” The sound it out method was more of a second grade thing, but take your time.

  5. I’m so embarrased.

  6. So you are basically calling Red a cheat and a thief. That would be my conclusion if you are comparing him to that tool Belichick.

  7. I’m saying Red probably would have done everything he could have to gain an advantage.

    I’m also coming from a standpoint that what Belichick did wasn’t much of a big deal. By most accounts, this is something that happens all the time. It doesn’t excuse what he did… but it minimized it.

    Calling Belichick a cheater is a bit much as far as I’m concerned. It’s like calling a cornerback a cheater on a pass interference penalty.

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  9. I enjoyed how every player that the Brady-Belicheck has ever beaten decided this would be the best time to say that they would’ve won the Super Bowl without the Pats cheating (McNabb, Jerome Bettis). Sunday proves that without their little camera, the Pats can still demolish the best in the league.

  10. Add ben rothlisburger and hines ward to that list, but I wouldnt go that far yet… The chargers are far from where they were in the playoffs last year, and its still a long season…That said, things are looking good right now, and I think the “cheating” videotapes were hardly an advantage…If anything we are going to circle the wagons and use it to our advantage, so bring it on.

    On a side note I got my t shirt and mug in the mail, except it was the wrong mug they sent me, from, but they sent me the right one and let me keep the wrong one too so its cool. They said they let me keep it to show their appreciation for my business, but I think they meant it was their way of saying they arent paying the shipping again.

  11. wow… sorry for the shipping mistakes. But… you get free stuff out of it.

  12. The only thing different about the Chargers is that they fired a coach after he went 14-2 and hired Norv Turner.

  13. Belichick is a brilliant coach just like Auerbach was. The hatred for the Patriots will run for the next 50 seasons just like the hatred for the Celtics. Hatred is a beautiful thing.

    Let them bury me upside down so the critics can kiss my ass!

    I have two hobbies:

    Being a Boston sports fan and being a REDNECK!!!! I love my life!!!!


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