It’s This… Or Higher Ticket Prices

Paul Pierce is brought to you by...We all have a very visceral reaction to commercialism in sports.  To put it more plainly… a lot of us f’in hate it.  We’re all sick of Corporate Name Ballpark and Financial Institution Stadium.  But it’s here to stay… and it’s getting worse.  The Celtics are shopping their SEASON around… looking for “presenting sponsors”

The deal, should one come, would be more costly for the company that gets involved than any other Celtics sponsorship. The sponsor’s logo would be splashed on everything from game tickets to Celtics’ e-mails and letterhead. The team won’t disclose how much it is seeking from a season sponsor but said it would likely cost in the millions.

Is it annoying?  Yes.  But this is the world in which we live.  And if this is what we need to endure to avoid higher ticket prices, then I’m all for it.  The Celtics could be like the Red Sox… and they could try to fleece fans for every cent by raising ticket prices every year… AND sponsoring every aspect of their team. 

panathanaikos jerseyAnd here’s the funny thing.  In the most capitalistic country in the world… US sports are the last bastion of NON-Commercialism.  I mean, take a look at this basketball jersey from the Greek professional team, Panathanaikos.  The team’s logo is that little thing on the top right.  The biggest thing on the jersey is the Nokia logo.  That’s how it is all over the world.  English Premier League soccer might be the biggest, most well known league in the world… and their jerseys are all billboards (like this one, or this one… Hell… even the LEAGUE is sponsored).  The point is… I know a lot of people are going to be outraged over the Celtics selling a season sponsorship.  But we shouldn’t be.  Have the Patriots been cheapened at all because their stadium is sponsored?  Did anyone notice that when the Red Sox played the White Sox in Chicago, their games started at 7:11 because Seven11 sponsored the start time? 

If someone wants to pay to sponsor the C’s season… then go for it.  As long as the money from those sponsorships means regular people aren’t further priced out of NBA games, then I’m happy.  If these sponsorships are followed with ticket price increases, the these owners need to be bashed unmercifully.

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6 Responses

  1. Great commentary brought to you from the staff at Red Bull’s They get sponsorship and I get endless cases of Red Bull, which means plenty of 3 am posts!

  2. This will have nothing to do with ticket prices. Didnt they already raise them anyway after the KG trade? After watching the Red Sox since John Henry took over the team, I’m pretty much immune to anything less than a Euro Soccer style sponsored jersey. Prepare yourselves for “this free-throw is brought to you by Lexus of Watertown,” and “that 3 point shot was brought to you by Legal Sea Foods.” One thing that will piss me off though, is if some kind of corporate logo appears on the parquet floor, that will be over the line and it shouldnt be accepted.

  3. If the Red Sox can pepper the Green monster with logos, than the Celtics can put one on the parquet. Why not? As long as it makes the team money, which we hope they will put back into the team. We really can’t complain, the C’s are paying 3 guys max money.

  4. I gotta agree with Chuck. I don’t care if there’s a swoosh on the parquet…. or whatever logo.

    And I’ll tell you what: If the team suddenly rejoins the upper eschelon and stays there… I’d EXPECT it. I’m sure they’re ready to take advantage of a consistantly great team to bring in some extra cash. They’ll wait until the team is too good to turn on… and start sneaking some stuff in.

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  6. Well, companies will be throwing money at the Celtics now for advertising – unlike in previous years – so revenues will be coming in from other sources to make up the difference – without raising ticket prices. Plus, if we make it deep into the playoffs, that brings something like $10M in additional ticket sales/vending/merchandise per game. As easy as it is to raise ticket prices, and as high as the demand will be (so they could get away with it), I’m thinking they just sell luxury boxes for more $ and raise renewal fees. I could see them raining the cheap seat prices though.

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