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2007 Celtics Preview
October 31, 2007

our trophyMmm… what is that in my cup?  Kool Aid? 

Oh YEAH!  I’m drinking it baby… and so is Chuck.  We’ve put together our 2007 Boston Celtics Preview… and if that picture is any indication… we both think the Celtics will be pretty good. 

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We’re going live for ONE HOUR after the season opener on Friday!!  Show kicks off at 10:30pm… right after the game.  Just visit us here and you’ll get the details.

Help From Hondo
October 31, 2007

havlicek steals the ballIt’s hard for young kids to realize how great John Havlicek really was.  But some guys… like Kevin Garnett… realize exactly what Hondo’s been through.  He didn’t just “steal the ball.”  So when Hondo visited the Celtics to say a few words… KG was rivited.

“I don’t think I blinked one time when he was talking,” Garnett said. “I was trying to get all of the insight and pick up all of the knowledge he was giving.”

Hondo hasn’t been the only Celtics great giving advice.  I hope this team understands the wealth of knowledge they have availableto them.

The Celtics open the season Friday… a game that Gilbert Arenas has guaranteed the Wiz would win (sorry… no anti-Gilbert shirt for this one).  Paul Pierce, though, knows what this is really about:

“I just look at that as Gilbert needing attention,” Pierce said. “That’s just stuff that he does. He stirs the pot. That’s just Gilbert being Gilbert.”

Have you seen the NBA on ESPN ad featuring KG, Paul, and Ray?  It’s up on right now 

And finally… on a non-Celtics note.  This is David Ortiz’s speech in that players-only meeting the Red Sox had after going down 3-1 to Cleveland… as told by SI’s Tom Verducci:

“Listen,” designated hitter David Ortiz began, “we’re not just a good team. We’re a great team. And don’t you f—— forget that. And let’s go play one at a time and go prove that. Because let me tell you something….”

Ortiz pulled on the sides of his gray road jersey. “There’s a reason why you wear this Red Sox uniform….”

Ortiz paused for a beat, letting the suspenseful silence fill the rapt room.

“Because you’re a bad mother——.” 


Breaking News: Rondo Extended
October 30, 2007

The Celtics have exercise their contract option on Rajon Rondo for the 2008-2009 season. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. (Update – He will make $1.2 million this season and $1.3 million next season.) No surprise here. This kid is going to be around for awhile.

Forget all the speculation about Juwan Howard signing with Boston. He’s going to the Mavericks. He’ll regret that decision when the C’s smoke the Mavs in the NBA Finals.

Comic Relief
October 30, 2007

scot pollardSomething is not right with Scot Pollard.  He’s mentally unstable.  But then again… so am I… which might be why I like this guy.  He’s not overly talented as a player… but he’s no dummy either.  This quote in today’s Herald struck me:

“I’ve been in offenses the last four years where it was just rote memorization,” Pollard said. “It wasn’t reads. So this is back to the Sacramento way where there’s read options in the offense, and in that situation, you have to know who you’re playing with as well as the set. You’ve got to know who you’re with on the court and their tendencies, and that’s something that just comes with time on the court. . . . I like that. I love there’s that flexibility in the offense, so I’m looking forward to trying not to screw up too much.”

It might not seem like much of a quote… but it’s very telling about (a) Pollard himself and (b) Doc’s offenses. 

Players who like the flexibility of offenses are the ones who are smart enough to capitalize on that.  Players who don’t are the ones who want to be told “go here…. set that pick… now flash to the ball.”  Bah… those players are drones and those offense are boring.  Also… Doc’s offense needs players who are smart enough to take advantage of the mismatches.  It takes players who can react… which would go a long way in explaining why our recent young teams looked so confused. 

Personally… this freelance kind of offense will be perfect for the C’s.  They’ve got so much talent… you can’t waste it on robotic plays that dictate where every player should be at all times.

The C’s are heavily features in all of the previews that are coming out today.  Our preview will be out some time tomorrow.  For now… here are the links:

I was on T-Money’s “Around The Spectrum” show with Phil Partington from and‘s Zach Harper to preview everything about the up coming NBA Season

USA Today’s Preview  |  SI’s predictions (spoiler: we don’t win)  |  ESPN’s power rankings (We’re #3)  |  Toronto Sun thinks they’re still the team to beat  |  Denver recognized Boston is where it’s at  |  Globe:  It’s not just 3 for the show  |  High School honed KG’s game (Title:  “Basketball Is My Spine”)  |  Time Magazine: NBA-“Never Bet Against it (includes quote of the year candidate: “Knicks still have more shoot-first guards than Blackwater USA”  |  Washington Post: wins can multiply by the power of 3  |  Charles Barkley’s anti-Kobe rant

Win This Shirt
October 29, 2007

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Good Enough For Me
October 29, 2007

In my continued quest to get people to shut the eff up about Rajon Rondo somehow not being capable enough to help this team win… I’m turning to the experts.  Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen:

TNT NBA analyst John Thompson recently asked the Celtics’ star trio of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce point-blank in a to-be-aired interview: “Can you guys win the East with a [second-year] point guard?”

“Absolutely,” Garnett said.

Said Pierce: “I don’t see why not.”

Garnett: “He’s going to surprise you. Kid’s got a great IQ for the game, scrappy, on every play on defense, runs this team like a point should. He’s young but very impressive.”

I think Rondo is going to shut people up.  Frankly, I’m sick of the question. I think he’ll be pretty good. 

Also today:  Garnett won’t be the center of attention  |  Hoopsworld:  All signs point to Howard landing in Boston 

Really… all we care about is today is this:

we win

October 29, 2007



Juwan Howard?
October 28, 2007

juwan howardI’m not saying Juwan Howard is the answer to our depth issues on the post…

But the TWolves are about to buy him out… so he’s available.

I’m just sayin’

Almost There
October 28, 2007

the rockies suckWhat can I say… this is a lot of fun.  I enjoy the fact that the Red Sox get to be the team that ends this “storybook season” of Colorado’s.  Sure, it’s kinda like rooting for the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood… but hey… that old lady was just asking for it. 

Besides… after last night’s win… I’m a win away from a free Jordan’s Furniture sofa. 

Back in Celtics land… Kevin Garnett loves to pass the ball… so get ready for a lot of triple doubles.  The Globe also looks at KG as the C’s potential leader in assists.  His passing is also making an impresson on his teammates.  The Brockton Enterprise also has a piece on Garnett’s passing 

Doc weighed in on the TWolves-Heat trade:

“Minnesota probably just wanted to move personalities and give the team to the young guys”

Basically, Doc is calling Ricky Davis and Mark Blount a couple of a-holes.  I never understood why Blount thought so highly about himself.  He might be the worst rebounding 7 footer ever.  EVER.  Peter May, in his notes column, thinks this move will be good for Miami and Pat Reilly

Also today:  The C’s trip to Europe was huge for the NBA |  C’s will force dilemmas on “D”  |  Garnett, Allen, Pierce could put C’s back on top  |  Boston’s back… what about NY, LA and Philly?  |  Aldridge: C’s bench will be season long question mark   |  Triple the expectations for the Celtics  |  Boston’s offseason gives league a jolt  |  Kobe-to-Bulls rumors heat up 

“He should be the best player in the league this year”
October 27, 2007

paul pierce and kevin garnett

 Read a critical piece on the Celtics, and you will inevitably read  the speculation that Paul Pierce is the weak link in this chain of stars.  He’s supposed to be the guy that gets jealous of Kevin Garnett.  Well… Celtics haters aren’t going to like this:

“He should be the best player in the league this year I think,” said Paul Pierce. “Kevin is tremendous. You want to play through Kevin. The way he passes the ball, the way he dribbles the ball, his low-post presence – it’s going to open up things for everybody else. It’s phenomenal some of the things he can do.”

Doesn’t sound like a guy who’ll get jealous, does it? In fact…. it sounds like a guy who’s ready to take advantage of the opportunities KG will present.

In that piece, Pierce also goes on to declare Boston the best sports city in America.  He’s a smart guy.  The Globe has photographic proof  (I love photo #6).  It also says Tony Allen probably won’t get a contract extension.    Also… there won’t be any punishment in that little scuffle with the Knicks.  Ian Thomsen think the Pistons will beat the Celts in the Eastern Conference finals (2nd page).  The Celtics hope success is contagious.   Hey… check out Kevin Durant getting leveled by… nothing.

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