Gilbert Arenas TShirt Contest

gilbert arenas is a douchebag too

Regular readers know I think Gilbert Arenas is a first rate ass clown.  I don’t think I’m alone.  The Celtics open the season on November 2 at home against Washington, and we want to offer you guys some sort of TShirt to wear at the game. 

Problem is… we’ve got no ideas.

This is where you come in.  Submit an idea for a Gilbert Arenas TShirt.  If we turn it into a shirt, we’ll send you one free.  If you’re an artist and you want to submit a design… we can talk about giving you a little more than just a free shirt (not much more… Chuck blew our TShirt money at Foxwoods last weekend).

Here are the restrictions:  We’re not exactly supposed to use names or likenesses… so you’ve got to get creative.  You can use a the Wizards blue on a jersey… and you can use the number 0… but it can’t say Wizards on it….and it can’t say Arenas.  Got it?  

Put your idea in the comments section…. or email me:  If we get a design done within a week… the shirts will get out in time for opening night.

Good luck everyone.


23 Responses

  1. Arenas the Penis. It rhymes, and it makes perfect sence. He is a total dick, who on the jim rome show, admited to playing 10-12 hours of video games a day.

  2. How about some sort of five headed Celtic monster devouring Gilbert while the rest of the Wizards stand and watch. Or Lucky whacking him with that cane. Sorry I can’t draw. No skills.

  3. How about “0-1”, for the record the Celtics will have after he smokes you?

  4. Agento Zero got his ass Pierced

  5. Agent Queer-O (not entirely politically correct, but still kind of funny)

  6. all gilbert will be smoking is cock.

  7. How bout Kill Gil volume 1 or just Kill Gil

  8. Jon is the leader so far in my book. Thats good stuff.

  9. I know there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity…. but the last thing we need at Red’s Army is the backlash over a “queer” reference… especially after the Tim Hardaway thing.

    We like to have fun and be edgy and all… but don’t you think that crosses a line?

  10. Seriously, the entire queer community would be outraged at the association with a giant douche like him.

  11. Agent Ass Clown

  12. I’m just happy someone else thought it was funny but I’m in agreement that it’s probably not something you want to put the website’s name on.
    I like Kill Gil: Vol. 1. The yellow and black from the movie poster kind of matches the Wizards odd gold and black alternative jerseys too.

  13. I kinda like that one too.

    How can I do it without illegally using his face… or anyone else’s face for that matter?

  14. How about: The Wack-0-Meter

    With a Meter and the arrow at the very highest in what would be a danger area.

    Something along those lines!

  15. Something like this

    only black out the face and put a big zero on it

  16. Agent Zero the Slappy Wag (sorry I was just watching Family Guy).

    How about a Douche Bag wearing an Arenas jersey. In order to fall under the restrictions it could show the back of the jersey with Agent Zero instead of his name…….I don’t know………..I guess that’s pretty lame.


  17. I like the kill gil volume 1 it has good ring to it, as Jon said I think the the colors would work. Is Jester00 a homo because that page looked GAY

  18. why take shots at fellow C’s fans?

  19. How about Gil the Drunken Irish Bigot? Oh, wait…

  20. How about “We’re wearing these shirts because we’re shit-scared Arenas will destroy us”?

  21. Hmmmm…. sorta catchy… but we’re not making shirts for Wizards fans Chad. However… if we were… I think that would be perfect.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  22. how about

    “Our big three is not as good as the wizards big three, but we live in Boston so everything is overwhelmingly overhyped.”

  23. How about “Wizards fans are insane if they think Arenas, Jamison, Butler is anywhere near Pierce, Allen & Garnett.”

    You’ve got to be insane if that’s what you really believe

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