There’s No Place Like Home

glen davis, kevin garnett, danny ainge and doc rivers

The next time we’ll see the Boston Celtics on a basketball court…. it will be in Waltham.  Their jaunt through Europe is over… and what a jaunt it was.  This team is ALREADY better than I thought it would be.  The improvement between games 1 and 2 was amazing.  For example:  In game 1, guys were just catching the ball and passing… swinging it like mad without even threatening to take a shot.  I know that the wild ball movement will often tire out a defense… but it didn’t take long for Toronto to figure out that the C’s were more interesting in being unselfish than in taking a shot.  That’s fine…. but in game 2, they held the ball for that split second longer.  The movement was still quick enough to make the defense work… but it slowed down JUUUST enough to make the defenders think “oh crap… he’s going to shoot this.” 

It’s those very minor things that are the difference between being “good” unselfish and being “bad” unselfish.  Just catching the ball and whipping it around looks fine… and it might be fine if you’re 5 guys of equal talent… but when you’re KG, Pierce and Ray… you’ve got to appear to be the threat you are. 

I’m sure Paul is also thrilled that a single-digit game out of him didn’t equal a 25 point loss like it normally would have.  That will make him so much more comfortable out there…. and in turn… so much more dangerous.  Watch out!


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  2. thank god someone who notices the improvement in these first two games this celtic team is going to go down as one of the most talented teams ever.

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  4. Awesome

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