Gilbert Arenas Is Lame

gilbert arenasLike I need another reason to despise this insecure crybaby.  He cheats at Halo!

If Gilbert wasn’t an insanely talented basketball player… he’d be one of those paste eaters on Jackass who do dumb things to themselves for attention. 

“What… staple my scrotum to my inner thigh?  Sure… anything to make you like me!”

Dumbasses.  There’s still plenty of time to submit a Gilbert Arenas heckling TShirt idea.

Enough of this idiot.  Matty G likes what he sees from the Celtics… and did he hit on nickname for the group?  The Hustlers


3 Responses

  1. If Gilbert is also a cheater, could you put him in a patriots uniform?

  2. Riight… the Patriots continue to blow everyone out by 20+ points because they cheat

  3. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrright or it could be, and this is just a thought, that the Patriots are a ridiculously good team! I mean I’m no expert, and I may be way out of line on this one but it does seem plausible.

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