Who is Hotter?

Thanks to the Herald, we have some great pictures of the Big 3 and their significant others. In our continuing effort to be sexist, we want to know who has the hottest girl? Paul, KG or Ray Allen….

That’s Paul & girlfriend Julie Landrum, Ray and fiancee Shannon Walker Williams and Kevin Garnett and wife Brandi.











70 Responses

  1. Sharon gets my nod….

  2. I dunno this is tuff, Its between Brandi and Sharon… I’ll go with… Brandi

  3. Brandi is SO Hot

  4. Brandi.

  5. I concur.

  6. Geez… they look like twins.

    Umm… what the hell is Paul wearing?

  7. Better questions is what the hell is Paul doing.

  8. He looks like a 20’s Chicago gangster. I guess that’s the look he’s going for.

    I think I’m leaning towards Sharon in this.

  9. It’s hard to get a good read on Julie’s side profile. I’ll go with Brandi. She’s a hottie. Though, Sharon isn’t bad either. That’s Paul’s formal thug gear:P

  10. So I finally talked to someone who was there… and he tells me Brandi is just on another level… much like KG.

  11. julie hands down

  12. Is “who da guy” Paul Pierce? that would be sweet.

  13. How tall is Sharon?? She seems to be quite short though.

  14. Ray and I are about the same height… so I’m going to guess she’s about 5’2″

  15. Paul, look at the other two women?? what are you doing bro??? You can do better than that!! Larry Hughes’ (married man with kids) left over???? Not only that, she is a well known Miami heat groupy!! Don’t believe me, ask anyone on the team!!!
    Wake up dude!!

  16. Why is PP always involved with the groupies??

  17. damn… a Heat groupie? Really?

  18. I found this on another site:
    Someone must really hate this girl!
    At least Julie Landrum is about to get paid if she’s pregnant. Paul Pierce is going to have a very interesting conversation with his child one day… Daddy where did you meet Ma? She came highly recommended by a few of my teammates. What did Ma do for a career before she had me? She was a Certified Groupie. Did you used to take Ma on romantic dates? Of course, she used to help me pick up other girls for threesomes and other group sex activities that we loved to participate in.…Sweetheart, Ma and I love you very much.

    Hopefully, the only birth defect Julie’s child has is eczema. Mostly likely she will give birth by cesarean (the herpes factor). Julie darling, please keep up with your health. Get screen for cervical and breast cancers religiously. Seems a lot of women that gotten intimate with professional athletes runs a high risk of those diseases. Almost forgot to mention the various STDs that come with those athletes favorite past time activities. I’m sure in Julie’s mind the 45+K monthly child support checks were worth the risks she took. Go Julie!!!

    Sistahs stop bashing our Sisters of other races that gets with those Classic Cooning Ass Clowns. I’m convinced if it was possible to trace their DNA, we would find they were the ones that sold us and themselves into slavery. Those ladies are doing us a huge favor, and we still have plenty of self loving and respecting Brothas to choose from. Only things remotely attractive about those Brothas are their bank accounts. It’s always a win-win situation for those relationships. There aren’t any victims in those cases. The athletes pays those ladies to claim they love, respect and happy to sleep with them. The ladies charges to have sex and be seen in public with men they wouldn’t normally piss on if they saw them on fire. LMBAO

  19. another Quote from the same person:

    Memo to Julie Landrum: Forgot to mention some more pointers in dealing with Paul Pierce. Sistahs are responsible for bring those “ungrateful failed abortions” into this world. However, we are more than qualified to take them out. So listen up Julie. If you are pregnant don’t allow Pierce to force you into having an abortion. He’s not in any position for negative publicity at the moment. Not with the Celtics new roster, especially the addition of Garnett. The Celtics and NBA are going to milk the trio of Garnett, Pierce and Allen for all it’s worth. It’s only a matter of time before the Celtics yanks Paul’s captain title and give it to Garnett. Celtics may start off slow allowing them to be co-captains, eventually it will go to Garnet. Julie this promotes you into a position of power.

    Finally, you can dip into Paul’s pockets like many of his male relatives and his boy Rick Riley. If he wants to give you a hard time, mention these two words “Gloria Allred”. Don’t be afraid if he had you sign some kind of confidential agreement. Julie thrust me you can used the race card against him, and that will penetrate those agreements. How? Well there are overwhelming evidences that Paul and his colleagues are dealing with ladies such as yourself exclusively for you’ll skin tones, texture and length of hair and non-black features…That’s discrimination in full affect. If you mention in your case against him that, he often degrades or make references of your ethnicity, it’s a done deal. I’m sure Ms Allred would love to help you out. Do not allow those “Mindless Modern Day Slaves to manipulates us against each other. Let us work as a team….Go, go, go, Julie…Girl power
    Thanks Natasha…

  20. That look does not deserve a woman better than that either

  21. wow… you guys are all really pathetic. i came across this because Julie is my cousin. You guys have a lot of shit to talk about her, but i wonder if any of you actual know the truth. Seems to me like you guys are low life groupies yourselves, seeing as how you have to come onto these websites and talk about the players girlfriends. And Paul is going to have an interesting conversation with his child one day… “daddy why are there so many haters?” “oh baby thats because your mom looks better than all of them!”

  22. I just can’t believe all you ladies are fighting on this site.

    Wild times on Red’s Army

  23. haha, i agree, julie is umm well not a very pretty girl to say the least. and it just goes to show that if she is indeed pregnant and not married to him, she’s most likely a trashy gold digger, but kg and ray allen’s women are beautiful. least someone got it right

  24. Julie Landrum hands down

  25. Finally some love for Julie. Can’t understand all the hate.

  26. Garnett’s wife is definitely the best-looking out of the three, Ray’s girl kinda got something going for her she’s an 8…But Paulie, c’mon now not to say she lights off ugly, but she’s more like benchwarmer status..

  27. …as the song says:

    Brandi, you’re a fine girl….

  28. Honestly, i just feel bad for a lot of these woman, i came across this website because every time i see paul he tries to talk to me EVERYTIME, as well as my girls.

    The last time i saw him i was like ” arent you getting married???” and he said NO and proceeded to make out with a pretty blond girl that he later had sex with in the bathroom ( according to her blabbling about it)

    Im not hating on anyone, i just wounder if these women know what they got themslevs into and a lot of them are incapable of being faithful :(

  29. Paul is the lukiest man in the world. He has a beautiful woman , an eductated woman and has a beautiful baby girl. Get it right! We love you Julie and all you hatters will go to hell.

  30. WOW, just leave Double P and Julie alone! They just had a beautiful baby girl, 7 pounds 14 ounces I think. I know that they are above reading crap like this, people always hatin’.

  31. you people should all be ashamed of yourselves talking so horribly about another human being like that. absolutely disgusting comments about this nice young girl julie

  32. If you click on the link you can see a better picture of Paul’s girl Julie and i think she’s a cute girl…….seems like more of the girl next door type and why is that soo bad!!???

  33. Hey, at least she’s almost as tall as him. I think it looks odd when the height difference is to great.

  34. BTW…just because the young lady likes to date the variety of brothas that aren’t broke is not a bad thing. She just know what she wants. I wouldn’t date a girl that can’t adjust to the varying company I keep and nor should Paul.
    If it means dating a woman that has dated enough to know what not to do then so be it. Stop hating!

  35. Julie happens to be one of the sweetest, most loyal, fun, and caring people that i have ever met. i love her like a sister and i think that it is SICK that everyone is so quick to judge a person that they have never met before. All of you hateful, jealous, lonely bitches can kick rocks. Julie is blessed with loving friends and family, a beautiful new baby girl, and a man who loves her. She is intelligent, talented, and beautiful (which I know makes you want to scream…why should somebody have it all while you can’t get your shit together?…sorry booboo). it would make you feel better about yourselves to think all of these negative things about her, but you couldn’t be farther from The Truth…get a life (you need Jesus)

  36. Is Julie L. NurseBetty from Lipstickalley.com??? Well, that’s what I heard. LOL!

  37. JUILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!and BRANDIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!

  38. It’s extremely disgusting that there are so many haters on here spewing all that shit about Paul and Julie. If you have nothing better to do with your time than come on here and say horrible and untrue things about human beings that you don’t even know, then you seriously need to take a look at yourselves and rethink your lives.

  39. I’m sure Julie is a wonderfully faithful and loyal girl….too bad Paul wasn’t so faithful when I saw him in Vegas this summer at the Hopkins fight at Mandalay Bay!! The after party was sure fun!

  40. Brandi hands down. KG and Brandi are so cute together.

  41. Julie is a hot trashy mess
    that’s a shame.
    Just raggedy

  42. Paul

  43. Are you serious?

  44. Come find me in Boston so I can show you what a real woman looks like. Paul dear, there’s no excuse for that. She’s not even close to being on your level of sexy.

  45. nice :)

  46. […] over the past year, I’m embarassed to reveal that our most popular post continues to be – Who is Hotter. Yes, I posted pictures of Brandi Garnett, Julie Landrum (Paul Pierce’s girl) and Shannon […]

  47. thats so easy kevin’s wife Brandi is so beautiful.

  48. I think they are all pretty. I was watching the game and fell in love w/ Paul. Until I read this thread! I did not know he was out there like that! He is still sexy as hell though. And Kevin is a cutie too. :-) I hope the married couples all have long and happy marriages. As for Paul and Julie, if they don’t work out, I’ll take him (after he’s tested for everything though).

  49. Yo, Chill on Julie already, that’s Paul’s choice so just respect the people lives and stop judgeing other people lives. And for some of you, who were making comments about Paul’s outfit, I think this classy, so you all should fall back baby, FALL THE FU#K BACK.

  50. This shit is ridiculous the only people that are really speaking good about julie is her family and friends. There is nothing innocent about a bitch you sleeps with other peoples men that is just what she did. She is not Paul’s first love and never will be. And she does spread STD’s. Things are cloudy for P right now but one day he will wake up and realize what he lost and his true love. He knows who that is. An educated woman doesn’t need to be with others left overs to get a meal ticket. What goes around comes around, and God will have the last say. She will get what she deserves you don’t sleep with other peoples men

  51. All those who say good luck to her and beautiful baby, go to hell because thats exactly where she will be for what she had done.

  52. Wowwwwww…interesting. No doubt..Brandi blows them both out of the water. She’s beautiful and always looks well put together.

  53. Julie gets my vote. She’s hot and sexy and looks like the girl next door.

  54. Most of you are INSANELY jealous. Shannon and Brandi are two very beautiful and kind women. Both are very down to earth. I don’t know Julie, but I’m sure Paul Pierce loves her because he loves her. Why are some of you so mean and rude? Get over what past relationships or glances you got from Pierce. He’s moved on and so should you. You just look like a moron crying over a man.

  55. Who ever said that Shannon and Brandi aren’t beautiful. Infact, most people like the two better? (who tell me) They all are beautiful woman. So why are you so up tight when people like Julie better? It sounds like you are the one who is jealous. And you look like an idiot who is trying to hate on other people’s opinion. So Back off idiot.

  56. Despite the fact of what people are saying. I really dont think it bothers Paul one bit. Maybe he’s with her because Julie actually loves him for who he is other than what he does!

  57. yeah Paul loves her alright but still wanting to get back with his ex who has moved on. I will always stand up for her especially when people speak about herpes invested julie who was once a miami heat groupie

  58. OMG!!! Ray allen is my favorite player in the whole nba so i pick his wife.

  59. Paul will see the light someday. Time heals everything and I have faith in him. If not, maybe Garnett will step up and give him some tips on how to pick em.


  61. ???

  62. all of them are pretty…but what is paul wearing?

  63. I keep hearing that she use to be a Miami Heat groupie(has not been proven)..If so, I wonder did Posey hit it..*runs out of thread*

  64. “know the real deal”:

    you need to pipe down. nothing that you are saying is factual. nobody cares what you heard from so-and-so’s fourth cousin’s friend. how the hell would you know who has STDs and what not…do you mean to say that you have been to the OB/GYN with Julie or something? somebody you know personally came back positive with something and you assume you know where it came from maybe? have you ever been notified of the results of Julie’s blood testing? where the hell are your facts coming from?

    and if your girl is so together and has moved on and isn’t sweating paul anymore, then why do you feel like its your job to cast judgment on his new relationship? why don’t you boss up like whoever it is you are defending and “move on” as well…

  65. “know the real deal’:

    …and the wedding will be fabulous! and you can’t possibly think that you are the person casting the final judgment as to who is going to burn in hell and who won’t…are you that crazy? the only things that you said that made any sense was that God would have the last say…not you. stop contradicting yourself.

    and in defending your girl (we don’t care that or if she was paul’s first love…that is past tense) you make the mistake of implying that julie is somehow uneducated…get your facts straight. She was never some hoodrat waiting to be rescued by a man…she graduated from college and had a great job in a commercial interior design firm right out of school, freelanced as a set designer for plays and touring musical artists. she was accomplished in her own right before meeting paul.

    furthermore, she would stop anything to come to the support of her friends. don’t try to discuss loyalty, fidelity, honor, accountability in regards to my friend…

    stop trying to spread lies and degrade her…you sound like you may identify with being a Christian so you should start acting like one. you don’t know what you are talking about…PERIOD

  66. i think julie is very pretty all of them really but i appreciate fully black marraiges so brandy and julie of corse.

  67. Wow, I just came across this cite to find new pictures of Paul and Julie’s baby, and i never would have thought anyone would call that girl ugly. I remember when I met Julie, she was the hands down prettiest girl I’d ever seen. These photo not only fail to do her justice, it appears she was pregnant at the time, but so much hate from so many chicken heads that are pissed they didn’t catch the gravy train. I’m sure she doesn’t read this trash – but let me just say I think she deserves everything she gets, if you’re reading, the baby pics I saw were gorgeous, and I live in boston now so, if you ever have a chance to see me at a celtics game you better holla’ at me, cause I will call you out and make a scene till security comes. Also, You should ask your flight attendant friend to forward the blog I wrote about ya boy. You were right, and I owe you a debt of thanks, I think you’d be proud. Now to all you hattin’ ass whore’s don’t get it twisted, groupies get fucked – they never get wifed, even if they have a baby – i just hope he keeps her, cause she’s gonna get that cheese otherwise.

  68. PS – I remember when Julie was dating the cheapest, spend-thrift you could imagine and she never complained once in the three+ years I lived with her. You shouldn’t call her a gold-digger, you definitely would not if you knew her personal history. So here’s a thought, why not get jobs yourselves then you wouldn’t have to worry about the latest groupie who struck it big with some pro-baller?

  69. I’m confused, does anyone actually know how Julie and Paul met? maybe that can give us better insight as to whether she was a groupie or not? because if she was a freelance interior designer i don’t see how they would meet if she was not a groupie. i don’t have an opinion one way or the other and i think all three women are gorgeous but I’m just curious. and who is paul’s ex? which college did julie graduate from? is she from miami or boston?

  70. also, i do have to say that this post really is VERY SEXIST and maybe just a bit inappropriate.

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