How Boston Can Flip Off America Today

sunday's lineup 

We’re rolling in Boston… but we knew that already.  But today’s the day where we can really run up the score.  We can make places like the San Francisco Bay Area feel worse than they already do

At noon, the New England Revolution will try to win their first MLS Championship.  And trust me… a Revs win will drive the rest of the country effing nuts.  They’ll say things like “it’s bad enough that the Sox, Pats and Celtics are awesome… we had to watch their SOCCER team celebrate too.”  It will probably be followed by some snide comment like maria menounos“What’s next… Ted Kennedy getting lipo, botox and winning Sexiest Man Alive?”  Yep… a Revs win will be to the rest of the country the equivalent of a Brady to Moss touchdown with 1:30 left in a 48 point blowout.  I say pour it on.  And just for good measure… I’m going to take a moment to remind the rest of America that Maria Menounos is from Boston… and for the ladies… Matt Damon is the Sexiest Man Alive so… we’re basically invinceable right now. 

There may be a glorious moment somewhere around 8:30 tonight where both the Celtics and Patriots are both 9-0.  Then by our call in show on Wednesday night, we hope both are 10-0.  Tonight will be tough for the C’s though.  Orlando is good… and it’s killing me that Rashard Lewis is playing well right now.  I still think he’s vastly overpaid… but he’s playing better than I expected.  Dwight Howard is a monster.

You’re all still looking at that picture of Menounos, aren’t you?  That ‘s ok… so am I.  I should have put that picture in after I was done writing this post.  What was I saying?  Nevermind.

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9 Responses

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  2. The MLS championship, cup or whatever the hell its called could be the final straw. But then again, no one cares about soccer. As for Menounous, have I told you about the time I met her? Smokin’ hot in person….

  3. Yeah you have…. ass.

    I’ve always hated you for that. I mean… I’ve always hated you anyway… but I hate you for that too.

    Not many people care about soccer (although I bet KG is watching this game)…but the simple fact that it will piss off so many people will make me watch the game

  4. Revs up 1-0 in the 58th minute…. yes I’m pretending that I know something about soccer.

  5. Lucky no one really cares about soccer.

    Oh well… I’ll sacrifice an MLS title for continued dominance in basketball and football

  6. I care about soccer.

    and im PISSED.

  7. Oh wow, what could’ve been Boston’s most glorious day may turn out to be it’s most heartbreaking…

  8. Not when the Pats are involved

  9. Well, that was when in a matter of probably less than five minutes I see Pierce take a pretty terrible shot…not to be topped by Tony Allen’s wide opened missed layup a minute earlier…and then flip to the Pats game to see Roscoe Parrish catch a bomb after the Pats corner tripped.

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