M-V-P! M-V-P!

kevin garnettI’d say we can start showing some love for KG at the Garden.  He’s currently leading the All-Star balloting.  And really… is that going to change?  I don’t think so.  I’d love to start hearing some MVP chants when KG has the ball. 

And if you feel like Paul Pierce or Ray Allen do… the go ahead and chant for them too.  I just want to hear the MVP chant come up from the Garden again.

If you’ve got a minute… check out Scott Souza’s Courtside View blog from yesterday.  Start at the “Snowbound at HealthPoint” entry and read up.  It’s pretty funny.  Everyone was stuck in that crazy storm… so it’s a combination of news, boredom, and silliness.

By the way, the yo-yo ride that is Gabe Pruitt’s career has him recalled once again from the D-League.  (Here are his stats so far)

Links:   C’s site most popular on the web  (you’re welcome)  |  KC Jones sees home fire rekindled  |   Oh… so NOW Kobe’s happy?  |  ESPN:  Most likely to be traded players  |  Ratliff hurt… again


9 Responses

  1. great idea. but according to our readership, that might be too much energy for the anemic fans to exert during games. Love the news about KG and the C’s web site. Hell business is booming for us too. I just bought my 4th car, and John’s pricey transgender surgery is nearly complete.

  2. Chuck… did you buy that van you were looking into?

    Chuck’s a big van guy. He likes to grab a bag of candy or a puppy… park it near a playground…. and…

  3. hey do you all think the C will cover the 13 tonight????????

  4. Also I love Cleveland tonight +3 it should be a lock!!!!!

  5. I mean -3 sorry drinking again

  6. Hey.. sorry I didn’t see these earlier.

    Yes… C’s -13 looks good.

    I agree on Cleveland. That’s an easy win IMO

  7. I don’t imagine Jester is too happy right now.

  8. still drunk from last doesn’t hurt yet….but yea not happy under statement…….guess the wife doesn’t get a gift this year

  9. Wait… how much money did you lay down on Cleveland? The way I see it.. you should have broken even here.

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