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the big 3 in romeThis is why we’re hot:

You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.

Well… this one could be worth about 65 to 70 wins.

It’s why the Celtics can run off a 22-3 record by Christmas. It’s why the Celtics can avenge losses like they did against Orlando last night. It’s why an almost entirely new team can be together enough to take Detroit down to the wire… and lose a game that really could have gone either way.

Merry Christmas Scott Skiles!

On the plus side… he’s going to be home with his family for Christmas

Scott Skiles was fired Monday as coach of the Chicago Bulls, who have one of the worst records in the Eastern Conference.

Y’ouch.  Nice timing.  Hey… the new Power Rankings are out.  We’re #1 on SI, #2 on ESPN


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