Biggest Test Of The Season, Part 2

road trip!Two things have been said of the Celtics by their critics this year:  (1) They haven’t played anyone and (2) they haven’t had to take a road trip.

Well… they played Detroit to a standstill… and really only lost out to their experience.  Now… the C’s are out West for 4 games in 5 days.  Two sets of back-to-backs that balances a couple of patsies (Seattle, Sacramento) with a couple of tough teams (L.A., Utah). 

Can we expect a loss on this trip?  Probably.  Even the best of the best have a hard time sweeping 4 teams in 5 days on the opposite coast.  If I had to pick the loss… it’s probably Utah because they’re tough down low and that poses problems for the C’s.  But that’s later… tonight… we’ll ease into it by smacking the Kings around a bit.  I’ll be awake for the whole thing… so we’ll have a post game update while Chuck gets his beauty rest.  I hope he uses the cucumber beautifiying mask and mud wrap I got him for Christmas.

Herald:  Rising C’s head west  |  Kings scouting report  |  Globe:  Pierce, Theus go way back  |  Globe’s year in sports  |  Cincy Enquirer:  Rondo’s a catalyst  |  Posey’s role helps C’s roll  (ed. note:  what’s with the Cincy paper doing pieces on our role players?)  |  Sac Bee: Looking up at legends  |  Gerald Green is getting a shot with the Wolves  |  Trade Rumors:  Jason Kidd  |  Jason Willams  | Pau Gasol  |  Ben Wallace  |  Blazers win 11th straight! 


6 Responses

  1. Great photo shop I’m still Laughing

  2. Posey went to Xavier University which is in Cincy, so thats probably why they wrote a piece on him. Love the picture, site and articles on barstool.

  3. Thanks Greg and Jester!

    Greg… did you find us through Barstool?

  4. what the fuck this sucks like i said before im in london until the 3rd so not only are these games at 10 in the states that means they are at 3am out here this sucks… if we dont take 3 of 4 im gonna beat Renaldos ass… i think well sweep those cats out west though

  5. As if the late games weren’t bad enough, these aren’t in HD..which really blows.

  6. I’m finally getting ready to join the group of people bitching about lack of HD programming. Our Christmas gift here at Red’s Army South HQ is going to be a new plasma…. can’t wait.

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