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Rondo Rules
January 31, 2008

Now that’s a big win. Without KG, the Celtics beat the Mavericks 96-90. And the Redsarmy Red Bull Hero of the Game* goes to Rajon Rondo. With the game tied at 90, he hauled down a huge offensive rebound and then flipped it in before that floppy, shaggy lookin’ Dirk Nowitzki could block the shot. The 6-1 Rondo had 12 boards….more than Dirk or Perk. Props to James Posey who nailed some key free throws in this one.

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*=An unofficial sponsor.  Basically I’m looking for a free case of my favorite energy drink.

Break Out The Bling
January 31, 2008

The Truth is headed to the All-Star game. That means big, gaudy PP platinum chains, rings, Hummer limos, endless bottles of Cristal, a big entourage and hoochies. I remember reading an article years ago on how ridiculously flashy NBA players were at one particular All-Star game, with Pierce leading the charge.

Ray Allen did not make the team. And judging by the way he’s playing tonight, he’s clearly pissed off about it.

All Star
January 31, 2008

paul pierce

 Not An All Star:

ray allen

Here’s the whole list of All Star reserves

… Or Maybe Not
January 31, 2008

kevin garnettI’ve once again been proven to be a complete and utter moron.  After firmly believing KG would play…. He’s out tonight.

It’s official. Kevin Garnett will not play tonight against the Mavericks and Ray Allen is in. Doc Rivers gave the word a few minutes ago.

Rivers went on to say that there is no timetable for Garnett’s return. KG did some light shooting this morning and went through a conditioning workout, but the coach said that even with the four days off after tonight’s game, Garnett is not a lock to play next Tuesday in Cleveland.

Furthermore… the Globe has this tidbit.

He has had the strain for a while, but didn’t disclose it. The first time people were aware of his injury was last Friday against Minnesota.

Well… if I’d known that… there’s no way I would have predicted he’d play tonight.

There… that covers that up nicely.

So KG had an abdominal strain for a while and no one knew?  Man… KG is an f’in badass.  Those things really hurt.  By contrast,  I call in sick to work for a week if my fingernails are cut too short… and Chuck once went on short term disability after a bad haircut. 

KG Will Play… I think
January 31, 2008

kevin garnettI fear for Doc Rivers’ safety if he tries to keep KG away from this game tonight.  Doc did come out already to say Garnett “could” play against the Mavs tonight… which I interpret as “I’m going to let him play because I don’t want to avoid him ripping my head off if I sit him.” 

I also think that tonight will end one of those “(insert good team here) has dominated the Celtics for (however many years we’ve sucked now)”  The Mavs have beaten the C’s in 13 of their last 14 games.  Yeah… that goes away now. 

Blind, rabid devotion careful analysis tells me that the Celtics will win.  They don’t have Devin Harris… and Jason Terry is banged up.  So they’re weak at the point.. and they’re not exactly strong in the middle.  That will open up lanes for Rondo and Pierce… and free up our shooters outside.  I’ll say Dirk and KG are a wash… but everything else points to a Celtics win.

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Stoudamire To Spurs
January 30, 2008

As of this writing, Damon Stoudamire will have been a free agent for about 10 minutes.  He probably won’t be a free agent for much longer than that… because he’s going to sign with the Spurs:

Once he officially becomes a free agent, Stoudamire will join San Antonio for a pro-rated share of the $1.2 million veteran minimum. That computes to roughly $545,000 if Stoudamire spends the rest of the season with the defending champions.

If he’d signed with the C’s, it would have cost them the full $1.2 mil… because they’re over the luxury tax threshold.

While I’m posting something, check out Rajon Rondo’s new blog post… in which he reveals that he’ll shock us all by becoming really fat 10 years after he retires.

While we were in Miami… I got to eat at some good restaurants while I was down there too. I love to eat. My teammates always mess with me about how much I eat-they say I’m greedy. I just look at it as I have a big appetite.

That’s great for now Rajon… you’re a young NBA player and you can probably eat 40 meals a day.  I just don’t want to see Rajon pulling a Tony Gwynn.

Now On Barstool
January 30, 2008

I’ve loved me some Leon from day one… so don’t think I’d let a game like last night go by without writing one tribute post somewhere 

 I also know this is a little skewed, but the fact that his per 48 minute numbers right now are 26.1 ppg and 15.9 rpg says something.  Would he put up 26 and 16 if he got starter minutes?  Nope.  But numbers that extrapolate out like that show that the few minutes he’s getting are extremely productive. 

Besides, Leon Powe has a glare that can scare the platinum off a rapper’s teeth.  He’s 6′ 8″, but he’s afraid of no one… and few people can push him around.  Doesn’t every team need an enforcer like that?

Yes… I said “extrapolate.”  I guess I should also point out Big Baby’s new nickname:  Ticket Stub.

“We got ‘The Ticket’ [Garnett],” Davis said. “And I look like a stub, so I’m ‘The Ticket Stub.’ “

Sure Glen… whatever you say buddy.

Bring On A Real Team
January 30, 2008

dirkHoly Christ the Miami Heat suck.  I’ve seen teams suck before… but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

Hey… I believe in our C’s as much as the next guy.  More, even.  But there’s no way in hell the Celtics should beat anyone by 30 without KG, Ray Ray and 7 points from the Truth.  What’s next, Eddy Curry on Slim Fast?  The Clippers making prudent roster moves?   C’mon.

The one thing I hope Miami’s follies expose is that Pat Riley isn’t a genius like most of the media would like you to believe.  He’s a decent coach.  But he benefited from Magic, Kareem, Worthy et. al. the same way KC Jones benefited from all our great Celtics…. and where’s poor KC now?  And when Miami was poised to make its run a couple of years ago… he calmly pushed Ron Jeremy out the door and landed that championship plane on his own.  Bra…. vo.

Let’s bring on a real team.  Gimme the Mavs so people will shut the eff up about us not beating Western powers.  KG’s pissed rested after sitting for 2 games… and he’ll be ready to lay some serious smack down.  Ray will be over the flu by tomorrow.  I’m sick of sleep walking through the wanna-be’s of the world.  Let’s play some BALL!!! 

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No KG, No Ray….No Problem
January 29, 2008

Rajon Rondo

The Miami Heat clearly mailed it in tonight….and I am following suit. The Celtics, minus KG (abdominal strain) and Ray Allen (flu), absolutely slaughtered the Heat. As I write this post, the C’s lead by 35 in the 3rd quarter. Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen and Leon Powe arguably played their best games of the year. Because there is zero-chance of the Heat making this a game, (and the fact I’m an old man) I am off to bed.

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KG, Ray Will Not Play In Miami
January 29, 2008

Kevin Garnett will miss his second consecutive game due to an abdominal strain. Here’s the latest from the Herald.

“He always wants to play, which is good,” Rivers said. “But he understands it’s the right thing for the team.”

Rivers said no decision has been made on whether Garnett can play Thursday, when the Celtics host the Dallas Mavericks.

“If he can play Thursday, we’ll play him,” Rivers said. “But again, it’s got to be almost 100 percent. That’s the way I look at those types of injuries.”

We’ve also learned Ray Allen will sit out the game as well. According to the Globe, Allen went to the hospital to receive fluids due to the effects of a flu bug. He is not at the arena.