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I know you all wake up waiting for some pearls of wisdom from me or Chuck… and usually… we deliver in a HUUUUGE WAY… I mean… gold on a daily basis.   

Today… I’m in a hurry.  All I can tell you that is of note… is that Rajon Rondo is iffy for tonight’s game against Houston with that hamstring.  When I sober up get back, I’ll have more for you guys

Here are the links:

Herald:  Pierce steps out in front  |  More on Odom, Rondo  |  Globe:  Without Rondo,  A little missed direction  |  Odom foul still a sore subject  |  Bleacher Report:  Big Al Minnesota’s newest attraction  |  NY Sun:  Boston’s 2007 was best of all  |  Trade Rumors:  Miami looking at Artest, Pietrus?   


2 Responses

  1. You are such a slacker John. If anything breaks, I’ll post it, after my lunchtime massage.

  2. Does the massage come before or after the martini’s…. I forget

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