How Did This Happen??

Since December… lamarcus aldridgeThe Boston Celtics are 17-4. 

The Portland Trailblazers are 18-3. 

I thought that even without Greg Oden, the Blazers would be a playoff team… but no one expected this.  Brandon Roy is becoming a bigger star than expected.  LaMarcus Aldridge is becoming a beast.  What happens when they get Oden next year? 

They’re young, they’re eager, they’re athletic, they’ve got a strong low post player… they’re just the kind of team that gives us a lot of trouble.  Meanwhile, the Celtics might have Rajon Rondo again tonight… and Eddie House might get the start (or maybe even Gabe Pruitt)  As far as I’m concerned… its worth a shot.  Tony Allen is NOT a point guard.  I’ve said it before… he’s good for 2 or 3 dribbles before it all starts to fall apart for him.   Doc, however, doesn’t like either option right now:

“They can handle the ball OK,” Rivers said of House and Tony Allen. “But they don’t do a great job of running out stuff. (Monday) night we started (sets) on an average of 12 or 10 seconds (left on the shot clock).

“Before (with Rondo) we’d almost never start lower than 17. We were sprinting up the floor.”

 Isn’t it funny… before the season started all the questions were about Rondo’s perceived lack of ability to run the team.  Now… its his absence that has derailed our scorching start.  And just in case you want some salt rubbed in that wound of yours:  The Wizards followed up their back-to-back wins against our C’s… by losing to the (long string of multi-syllabic expletives deleted) Knicks

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  1. I’m a bit concerned about tonight’s game. As you pointed out, Portland brings alot to the table. They aren’t going to win a title or anything, but are still playing well.

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