The Little Truth

I have a big secret. I watch “Entertainment Tonight,” read “Us Weekly” and follow Britney Spears everymove. That’s why I can’t help but post about Paul Pierce, his fiancee Julie Landrum and their baby. Here’s the scoop from the Boston Herald.

Pierce, his teammates Glen “Big Baby” Davis and James Posey, were in the midst of a “Read to Achieve” event at the Charles H. Taylor Elementary School when Paul spilled The Truth – that his fiancee, Julie Landrum, is having his baby.

Pierce told the kiddies that he Read(s) to Achieve info about parenting and newborns. Can’t you just see No. 34 devouring “What To Expect When You’re Expecting????”

Anyway, Julie and Paul have been veddy hush-hush about the pregnancy until yesterday. But friends guess that the baby is due in April or early May because Landrum was visibly pregnant at Pierce’s annual New Year’s Eve bash at the Foundation Lounge.

There’s no wedding date – that we know of. Pierce did refer to Landrum as his “fiancee” in a recent issue of ESPN: The Magazine, but he didn’t discuss the nups. (It’s probably safe to assume the wedding will be post-baby and after the NBA Finals. We fans gotta have a dream . . .)

So as Paul and the Celtics are gearing up for the playoffs, his woman will be having a baby. I can say from experience, there’s no more disruptive force than a newborn. Look its a wonderful experience and I love my son to death, but I just hope and pray Pierce can keep his eye on the prize. I’m also guessing he won’t be waking up at 3am to change diapers.


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  1. good for pierce, assuming he’s happy about this.
    he just better make sure to have scal babysit on nights before games so he can get his champion sleep.

    having a baby without a wedding seemed to work for brady and patriots…

  2. Julie we (PP’s fan and family) all know that you are the one putting Paul on blast in the media. With help from your pals at the Boston Herald…So I’m going to wait for the DNA results… Seriously doubt Paul is going to marry a groupie… since he didn’t marry his high school sweetheart Rebecca Brothers after dating her for 10 years. Julie will get at least $20K monthly child support checks for the next 5 years. Then Paul will retire and have that amount readjusted for a less amount… Before Lil Truth 12th birthday Julie will finally get her first job at the ripe age of 43. Her groupie threesomes’ antics will no longer brings in any income. Julie you better pray PP don’t go bankrupt…LMAO

    Hope its PP and a boy they can name him “Paulito Antonio José Juan Pierce Landrum a.ka. Lil Papi’s… In any event hope the baby is healthy. Paul how the hell are you going to face your family in Los Angeles with this madness… Your mother must be pissed you having your first child with NBA whore… Like Kobe another black man’s hard earned dollars going to a Latinos breeder. Julie will be able to take care of all her illegal relatives off Paul’s sweat…Damn!! LOL. To think Larry Hughes had Julie as one of his jump-offs for longer and didn’t get caught up… That’s what PP gets for bring Julie out to LA to piss off Rebecca last August… That’s when she got knocked up that’s karma for your ass PP…. Oh well another one bites the dust.

  3. “His women” What are you a Cave man? Welcome to the 21 first century.

    Pierce is a pig. He isn’t faithful to anyone in his life.

    Pierce was on Fox New England a few months ago saying he had no wife or kid or commitment so life for him was different then his married counterparts.

    Yep prize person you are Pierce. While the whore you slept with was knocked up you were telling the world how you weren’t a stand up guy. Be proud. Nice to see your loyalty to yourself won’t be changed when you have a baby.

  4. Here we go… Pierce Haters on one side… Julie Haters on the other.

  5. Maybe I’m out of line but why is Ms. Julie Landrum such a publicity slut? Since Christmas there as been at least 4 articles in the Boston Herald repeating the same information. Julie is supposed to be engaged to Paul and having his baby….This week alone there were 2 articles in less than 48 hours. How many times can someone say congratulation on the same news? Is this some kind of desperate ploy Julie is using to cry out for help? It seems as if there are some serious issues within their relationship. This is supposed to be joyous rumors but it’s quickly turning into a very sad situation. Paul comes off as being very agitated and distant. Julie seems to be doing whatever she can to remain relevant.

  6. If she is pregnant, how come there is no recent pics or where is the ring if she is engaged??

  7. The Cs showed a video clip from the Read to Achieve event in question during tonight game. Again, not a single word regarding PP’s baby and engagement.

    However, it’s still PP’s life to do as he please… I’m just one of his many fan.

  8. Wow, poor Julie, haters can’t help but hate! I knew her when she was just a nice, naive girl from St. Louis. She is not Latin, by the way, she’s bi-racial (black and white). Her father played for the cardinals. You should check your facts. Also, Julie has worked many jobs in her life; As per the groupie thing, no comment.

  9. ok. so first off like TeeZee said. Julie is latin. so get it straight. she has a degree and has worked jobs before. not to mention when the baby is 12 she wont be 43. if youre gonna hate on Julie than get your facts straight first.

  10. ok. so first off like TeeZee said. Julie is NOT latin. she half black half white. so get it straight. she has a degree and has worked jobs before. not to mention when the baby is 12 she wont be 43. if youre gonna hate on Julie than get your facts straight first.

  11. So , what are the facts MR. StopHating AKA JL???

  12. Julie the only one hating on you is PP… He’s the one acting as if your time is up. If Paul is over you seriously, doubt it has anything to do with you. Remember he was engaged to Rebecca when he moved you in his home. He probably isn’t ready to settle down. It’s not like he is an idiot, total opposite. If anything he is selfish and guarded. He got stabbed and almost died over a female back in 2000. Looking at those scars daily might be having an affect on his female decisions. At the end of the day Paul’s fans will be happy with whomever he’s with. We can’t wait for the birth of his adorable little baby. I’m hoping for a healthy boy. However, Julie please stop with the media bs. It’s not a good look… Massachusetts residents don’t care for their sport stars’ baby mama drama. See how they treat Giselle regarding Brady dumping Bridget. Keep it mind MA is the same damn state that protected pedophile priests for decades (LOL) Julie his fans don’t hate you we don’t even know you…Maybe it’s your so call friends…Either way take care of yourself and keep your head up.

  13. Is he dumping her???

  14. TeeZee, you claimed to know Julie well. You stated that her father is Terry Lee Landrum that used to play baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. TeeZee do you think Julie’s mama was a groupie? Did her father marry her mother? If yes, was it before or after Julie was born? Would it be accurate for PP’s fans to presume that Julie’s whorish antics were taught by her mother? Considering the fruits never falls far from the tree…

  15. Amen, JAY!!!

  16. Julie, I hate to break the news to you. Your time is up. Pack and move on to your next target. Pp is smart enough to know not to ever give a publicity slut his last name, EVER!!!!

  17. Does anyone know first hand if she is really pregnant or not??
    I bet you all these are bunch rumors started by one and only “julie wana be pregnant!!” Not everyone with a FAT belly is pregnant, you guys.

  18. If Julie’s daddy a former MLB player and mother a white groupie… That makes Julie a convenient black. She degrades blacks behind their backs. No wonder whenever she is pissed off at Paul she turns into a Celtics organization informer. Julie the whites that own and manages the Cs can’t make PP love and marry you…Black are still free in America sweetheart. Your BFF Heather Walker (Cs’ Marketing Director) is equally a hoe. That’s how she got her job? Being on her knees with the Celtics owners’ jism all over her face… Heather is the quaint essential douche bag…

    What cracks me up about Julie’s supposed pregnancy and engagement. All this shit started once his BDay photos came out in October. Bloggers started to question if she was sporting a “baby bump”. The next and last time anyone got a glimpse of Julie with Paul was at a Cs charity event. A Boston Herald photo showed Julie and Paul from the chest up with Julie forcing a fake ass smile…LOL. Her Boston Herald pals followed with series of stories claiming she was in fact pregnant and engaged. The stories started in November and ended in January… Seriously, Julie and her crew need professional help.

    Ever since Paul transported Julie ungrateful ass to Massachusetts from Miami her goal was to share his spotlight. Paul biggest mistakes were allowing Julie to get close to the Celtics organization. Julie phony ass stayed in those folks faces night and day. She left no stone unturned players, coaches, administration and owners. Once Julie and Heather became BFF it was all over. The duo were opening and closing bars in Burlington and elsewhere. Soon Heather’s pals at the Boston Herald starts printing sightings of PP’s new galpal Julie Landrum. Heather continued to work events with Julie because Paul refuses to spend his money on the groupie. I’m all for anyone paying their way… Nonetheless, it has to be difficult for Paul to go into work knowing that slut be crying to anyone that would listen to her nasty ass about their business. PP for future references never shit where you eat…bad move.

  19. What was she doing in Florida?? I thought she lives in St. Louise. Does she live with Paul?? Is he really that stupid??

  20. Julie worked as an escort in Miami… Jules was born in St. Louis and PP did move her in after his ex-fiancée moved out… Also Paul owns several properties in and around Boston. Paul left her in Boston while he vacationed in California last summer. No he is not stupid. Why do you think he is stupid Kate? Please don’t say because he dates hoes…. Ballers, pimps and hoes go hand in hand. If I had his money I would never commit to one person either…. Hoes are not the only gold diggers you can find some in the nearest churches.

  21. STEVE HOSEY?? Good name!!
    But anyhow, She aint no “trophy wife”. All these ballers keep the hoes around, but when it comes down to the wifey, they all end up with a typical trophy wife. She does not have the looks, the class, the style, the body, nothing to be even considered a wifey material. No worries for all PP fans out there, she will be history before we all know. I can not wait for that day to come.

  22. Steve,
    what u saying is that u donot think she is pregnant, right??
    I hope u right.

  23. You like that name I love it…LOL… Julie and crew will be here soon talking shyt about her being in California with PP last summer… The truth is PP left for the west coast in April/May… He made a few trips back and forth to Boston during those months… However, Julie did not join Paul in California until August for his Allstar Charity event with Baron Davis…. They stayed in a hotel. He paid her for her services by taking her shopping and dinners. She purchased some clothes and jewelry. The diamond and onyx set (ring, bracelet and necklace) she wore with the red dress. See Getty Images. Take a close look at her jewelry set there are more onyx than diamonds… LOL you know it didn’t cost PP much. Afterward he thank her for coming out then sent her packing. Paul returned briefly to Boston once the Celtics got Garnett. Then he returned to the west coast until the beginning of training camp….

    If you have Comcast check out the NBA on demand. They are running a special on the Celtics this month. PP had Julie rotten ass edited out of his BDay clips. But you can see her the night of the draft. Julie is standing with a red drink in her hand and wearing a shiny tan top… You know how she loves outfits that are shiny. Delonte West was there but PP was out of town…I can’t imagine having my mate hanging with my coworkers and bosses while I’m out of town. With my mate knowing damn well I’m knocking boots with others. LMBAO. I know for a fact they would be dogging the shyt out of me. Now, imagine how many times she blew up PP’s phone daily being a bugaboo all summer. You know Julie was crying and begging him not to replace her worthless ass. That’s why she was smiling from ear to ear when she got that call to head to LA… Julie and crew stop clowning… We love PAUL AND PAUL LOVES PAUL….LOL

  24. KPR trust that PP got this Julie madness under control. Paul is not the type that is looking for a trophy wife per say. He is not as stupid as most players. If he can find someone he can trust enough to help him maximize his bottom line it’s a wrap… Of course looks and fitness matter to him, but he wants her to be intelligent, and independent with a great sense of humor. Yes, believe it or not he has standards. He has been Cooning since he reached puberty, going for the light to white chicks. However, he ran through enough of those broads to get it out his system… It was a way for him to battle his insecurities. Everything Paul has he earned, he doesn’t owe anyone shyt…except his mother. Julie and the rest of his hoes need to fall back…

  25. ACCORDING TO BOSTON HERALD, KG’s wife is pregnant now. Maybe PP and KG planned to extend their friendship to the next generations.
    What is this whole deal with Larry hughes?? How did Paul meet this Julie girl?? why in earth would he want to keep her around if all these nasty things about her are real?? It just does not make any sense!

  26. Well, with that fat belly of Julie, I do not think FITNESS is in his vocabulary when it comes to his women. The sad part is her belly is so fat, that everyone just assumed she was pregnant!! She looks even fatter at the LA pictures in August.

  27. Okay KPR let me come at you another way… Paul is a little freak and Julie is a yes, yes hoe… She will pick up other gals for 3somes, water sport, cum facials, tossing his salad even going back for seconds after he farts in her face… I’m dead serious. Julie will do anything with anyone anyplace or time with a snap of PP’s fingers… Plus PP is kind of tight with his cash flow and she comes cheap. Look at her clothes, she is with a wealthy baller and shops at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. As far as her fat belly that what he used to talk down her fees. LOL…KPR you alright now… Paul isn’t a damn fool he is a pimp…LMBAO Everything you hear about Julie will always come from those 2 In the Track bitches at the Boston Herald… remember Julie is bisexual and they are too.

  28. Plus look at her boobs, what pregnant women you see with fat bellies and flat tits…Julie please take your meds or smoke some good weed, whatever stop the madness.

  29. Hey Steve,
    what is the deal with Larry Hughes?

  30. “why in earth would he want to keep her around if all these nasty things about her are real?? It just does not make any sense!”

    Thats a great question KPR…why would he keep her around? YOUR RIGHT it DOESNT make any sense thats b/c “steve hosey” is a liar who seems bitter, very uneducated in life and on julie landrums life.

    shes not FROM, nor has she ever lived in Miami.
    she graduated from florida state and has worked many jobs in her lifetime.
    and Paul isnt stupid, shes around b/c she IS trophy wife material and you all will learn that soon enough.
    she doesnt have “a crew” just a few friends she keeps close, and anyone paul intorduces her to.

    “steve” i think u need to get a life, it seems your up all hours of the day thinking about Julie and Paul, worry about yourself or at least get your facts cstr8 before you go running your mouth.

  31. Trophy wife?? I trophy wife is normally super hot, sexy body and beautiful face. This girl has a fat belly and payless shoes. Good for her if he marries her, but she is far from a trophy wife.

  32. Is PP having a kid or not?? Does anyone know the real truth??

  33. Steve is correct about almost everything except about Paul looking for a main woman.

    Julie is NOT Paul’s main girl. He actually has a main woman who is so NOT interested in being in the spotlight. Interesting enough S, his main girl happends to be a Latina from New York City. She’s an attorney and gorgeous. She’s very exotic looking with a caramel skintone, chinky eyes and big curly black hair. Hell, I’d turn lesbo for her! lol Their relationship is weird as hell but it works for them I guess. She has her thing going on as far as work and other men and he (as you can see) has his thing going on with Julie and a others.

    Julie is for sure a gold digging freak, but she is totally in love with Paul. It’s like the more he treats her like shit, the more she falls for him. The funny thing is that Paul is totally in love with S, his main chick and I think it’s because she’s not needy like Julie.

  34. As far as the Rebecca situtaion. It all boils down to them outgrowing eachother. Rebecca grew up and the NBA forced Paul deeper into adolescence lol

  35. according to Boston Globe, there was a baby shower for Julie and Brandi last night!!!!

  36. Correction it was a baby blowout. What is a baby blowout? It is a charitable event sponsor by team owners to renounce any baby mama drama facing the team. Usually the wives of the owners will get the players’ mates to facilitate the event. Shannon Williams Ray Allen’s baby mama was the co-host. It was held at Nebo, less than a 4 minutes walk around the corner from the TD Garden. Less than 2 hours before tip off with the Phoenix Suns. It was in fact a “Welfare style ghetto mega-baby shower”. It was the Celtics owners’ way for saying, baby mamas quit bickering, so our players can concentrate on winning a title. Seriously doubt Julie and Brandi (KG’s wife) are best friends.

    Celtics fans join me is giving Corinne Grousbeck and Shannon Williams a round of applause. This was the Celtics first ghetto baby shower. Corrine knew that those gullible baby mamas don’t know the event was a charitable tax write-off. In my book she’s taking advantage of the disadvantage. I can see Mrs. Grousbeck showing up late, keeping her coat on the whole time, and trying her best to demonstrate diplomacy. Can imagine her telling her friends all the behind the scene drama with those unwed mothers. Now let us turn our attention to Ms. Williams. Yeah Ray Allen’s baby mama acting like she has some class, please. Being up in the owners and their wives’ faces is not going to cut it with me Shannon. Telling Ray to take his spoon out the cup while in Rome drinking cappuccino would be a start for me. Let me take this opportunity to remind you money can’t buy class. LMBAO

    To all Celtics black players keep your mates away from the owners and organization, period. The consequences might be severe if you don’t listen. No I am not a racist, just trying to give you guys a caveat. Personally, I’m glad Julie is pregnant and I hope the baby is PP’s. Come on Paul marry Julie and quit acting like you can do any better.

  37. Oh yeah, Julie I’m convinced you was the one behind this event. Think the event planning took this route; Julie-PP-Wyc-Corinne-Shannon-Brandi-other baby mothers. Why would Paul participate? Well, Julie got him by his balls the baby will be extra. Don’t ask me how, not sure. Yeah it could be love, stranger things have happen. Plus Julie and Paul both think Brandi is too snobby. They both think Brandi is a lucky groupie that became a wife. Also, the event helps Paul with his Captain role. Julie gets to mask the disgraceful extent she is will gladly deign for acceptance and reverence. Julie is starting to look like a good move for Paul…I’m beginning to see how much they have in common.

  38. Well, is Julie pregnant or not???

  39. You guys are seriously SO pathetic (yana, steve). Yes shes having the baby any day, Yes their engaged, Yes their very happy… and YES your all sadly misinformed.
    Probably happens alot when your blogging about ppl you don’t know ;)

  40. Steve:

    Are you telling me that Paul is going to marry Julie, and he has given her a ring, is he insane or what, this marriage will be a disaster.

  41. Steve:

    I am so disappointed, you mean to tell me that Paul is going to marry Julie, has he lost his mind, he will be sorry.

  42. Steve:
    Tell me why have you changed your mind now about Paul marrying Julie, you seemed to be against it at first, but now you seemed to have changed your mind. And are you any relation to the other Hoseys in California, that related to you know who?

  43. I changed my mind because I’m a big Paul Pierce fan. Love him as a player. However, PP the man is a different story. He has a history of going out with hood rats, groupies, strippers and all sort of hoes. Seem the only qualifications he requires are their skin tones must be light to white, naïve, and the only thing they have going in their lives is him. PP the man is shallow and has the mentality of a Coon. We know Julie will gladly sign a 99 cents prenuptial to be Mrs. Paul Pierce for 24 hours. We know she is young, stuck on stupid and will only add drama to his life. We know her groupie mama taught her to repress her resentments for PP and keep acting like she is madly in love. At least until he say the words “I do”. Also think she is too damn desperate and annoying. If that what is takes to make PP happy then I am happy for him… I’m confident that when she has their baby and if and when he marries her she will be in for a rude awakening. See Julie the misery you are feeling now won’t go away it’s only going to intensify. The only reason PP is dealing with Julie is to get back at Rebecca. He is pissed off that she got tired of being his STD cum dump door mat for 9 years and moved out. Julie what do you really know about black men like PP. Sweetheart the minimum years they expect Sistahs to wait for marriage is 15 years or longer. Marriages don’t mean commitment to them, only a stable piece of ass. Paul is always going to love Rebecca, you will always be his rebound chick, regardless. Plus, Paul only has another 4-5 years left at the top of his game… Then what Julie his spotlight will go dim, the checks will stop rolling in and you are not qualified to help him to the next level in life. If Tito is Julie’s dad she knows what her mother had to go through. See how Julie turned out right, a groupie. Honestly feel the Celtics are already tired of Paul’s drama and will trade him. Probably as soon as next season especially if the Celtics don’t win the championship. Seriously doubt he will retire a Celtics now. That will be devastating news for all his fans. In the end its all about whatever makes Paul happy…..Go Julie!!!, Go Paul!!! Reality it a bitch.

  44. So you are saying that he can string her along a long time before he marries her. And has he started seeing Rebecca again, a pic of her and him on a forum where the fools post started the groupies to ranting and raving, the pic was removed by one of Julie’s people. Does Paul treat Julie decent, I get the feeling that he kinds of dog her.

  45. Well it seems that I still love PP as a player, but from what I’m hearing, and I think its true, I’m very disappointed about what kind of man he is. He is 30 years old, he needs to slow down with this wild sex life, because it might end up costing him more than he wants to pay. I’m shocked, I would not have ever thought that he was such a sex hound, I know he is a young man, but you have to have some self-control about yourself, his testosterone must be off the charts.

  46. Margaret, Paul dogs Paul… I don’t know what Paul’s plans are for marrying Julie. Doubt he ever stopped sleeping with Rebecca. He was the one that put Julie sexual escapades on blast. Paul used to dog the shit out of Julie to anyone that would listen. How she’s a nasty, freaky bisexual hoes. Then all of a sudden Julie got him to pierce both his ears like her ex-Larry Hughes and bring her out to California. Julie used to brag that Larry has a bigger dick and is a better lover than Paul. Then all of a sudden she is pregnant and wants to marry Paul. Honestly I don’t hate Julie or Rebecca, think they are both beautiful females. Think Paul is only attracted to no ambition females, period. Doubt he is in any relationship with a lawyer… What the hell could they talk about? LMBAO! I’m disappointed but not surprise Paul turned into a Sambo. The entire black professional sports scene is nothing but a Coon’s paradise. I pray that one day Paul will realized he is much more than a ball player. That he can’t out run his fears… That one day is dick will grow impotent and if he doesn’t learn about money he will be broke soon. Margaret, keep in mind that Paul is one miserable son of a bitch. He takes prescription medicine for his mood swings; he does other drugs such as ecstasy and he’s a drunk. Julie isn’t any better she is a certified weed head, drunk and does coke and X too. God bless that kid going into that household. Right now, think Julie is more suited to be Paul’s wife… Rebecca deserves to be with someone more mature and decent. Paul has a lot of improvement to make to be with Rebecca. Paul and Julie are going to tear each other a part mark my words… Don’t think we heard the last of Julie; she will pop up during the playoffs with some drama for sure…Also, Paul knows damn well Julie don’t love him and only wants his cash. He thinks the same about Rebecca that’s why he hasn’t marry her. Plus he is cheap with is cash that’s why Julie got pregnant it was the only way she could get money and extend her stay in his life…. Don’t be surprise if after he retires he marries Rebecca, and make a speech about she was the only woman he loved… Sorry ass Nigga.

  47. It was just announced that Paul and his fiancee Julie will be having a baby girl this Saturday…They showed Julie and she looked beautiful and ready…. Hope the baby and mama are healthy… Paul’s mother is also in town for the baby birth… Hope Paul becomes a better person. No, its not is first child but it looks like he is trying to be a better dad.

  48. Julie is not having natural birth, why not? And does he take care of the other child? I’m really sad to hear Paul and Julie drink so much and do drugs, that is bad, they are going to be a mess than. Why would you talk bad about the woman(Julie) if you have her in the house with you, why did he move her in?

  49. Margaret that’s exactly what I meant when I said Paul dogs Paul… Once he lay up with Julie they became equals. Even if Julie was a $2.38 a day prostitute she is still a more decent person than Paul…. In the beginning Paul refused to accept the pregnancy. They both have herpes so natural birth is out…It could be dangerous for the baby to come through the birth canal… Paul is a sad manipulating individual…He does take care of the other kids… However, I can see his cheap ass marrying Julie until he retires so he wouldn’t have to pay her child support… Julie is the type that would definitely take his ass to court for her checks…LMBAO… We can hope this relationship flourishes, but we know it will end tragically. If you want to know how something is going to end look back at the way it began.

  50. He would have to pay child support regardless, but it would be less when he retires… It would kill him to have any females getting rich off him… This way she lives with him and he take care of all her expenses… I can’t wait until Julie have the baby and have someone else to focus on. Someone that loves her unconditional and see her as an hero…. She is going to deal with PP ass for sure…For all the bs she had to deal with in the beginning of their relationship… Just like Rebecca she knows off the court PP is a coward ass gossiping back biting punk bitch… Yeah he is still my favorite NBA player…. I don’t respect him as a person.

  51. I love him Steve as a baller, but it going to be hard to respect him as a man, and what is this cooning shit with these NBA guys, do they understand that this is a form of mental slavery.

  52. Put it this way all 3 black coaches for the celtics are with non-black women… They spend more money on non0 black hookers than you can imagine… I am not racist or against interracial dating… However, these guys only got for these ladies skin tones and non-black features… Yes it is Mindless modern day slavery mentality… Once they see these women dont age gracefully then it off to plastic surgery… Then they replace them with younger versions. I think Julie is going to get some liposuction on her tummy, thighs and hips before she check out of the hospital… Then she is going to have some more dental work, she have some veeners in now… Then she is going to get breast implants… Why? She knows how shallow Paul really is and she knows after the baby he’s going right back on the prowl. It sad really some men marry women just so they can forget them. I’m serious, what can women nags for after the wedding…

  53. Wny would Julie be having all this surgery, how old is she, I know she is too young to be having all this done. Its not going to keep Paul from the streets, some times when people have children they seem to grow apart instead of together for some reason. The baby will not solve their problems I hope she knows this. This is a hot mess.

  54. You know Steve, Julie had better think that the way you get a man is the way you can lose him. She knew she was groupie when Paul got her, what makes her think he is not going to keep playing around out there with these type of women, he’s not going to stop, it seems he has a lust for freaky sex, it has become a habit.

  55. Margaret, further more this generation doesn’t not respect players such as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnet or Ray Allen… Why? They are seen as nothing but Sambo… If PP, KG and RA walk by with their mates in tow; only question on anyone mind is, wonder how much they are paying those chicks to be with them? The are like Flavor Flav reality shows. They are seen as jokes. If those cats where to die most of the people at their funerals will forget about them before the services ended. Why do you think more people are robbing and killing pro athletes these day…? It not because they are jealous or times are hard… They don’t see or respect them as heroes or idols. Trust me Rando and Leon Powe is more of gentlemen than Paul Pierce. They are even more educated than Pierce and Garnett. I love PP so much as a player that I really do pray he turn his life around. He needs to learn to love, accept and respect himself. He might dress fly and own some pricy material goods…However, currently he is a classless pile of shit. Margaret you are right about your assertion of PP. He is a loser and that is why Rebecca left him and didnt give him a child… She had enough sense to know you dont have kids with a kid… Don’t rule Rebecca out she is joined a the hip with PP for the rest of their lives…Why? Because she spend too many years with him and she is now damage goods… So he will go back and forth between them for years to come…

  56. Would not be surprise to learn PP got caught up in some kind of under age stints, dealing with young girls. Even a rape case in the future… No I am not wishing any ill will on him… Just feels he deal with naive females because they are more his speed…Plus he is a big time sex freak. Only that kind of man will gladly go down on hoes, groupie etc… She will have her tummy tuck because she will be getting a C-section and she had a pot belly before she got pregnant. I part of me feel sorry for Paul and Julie…

  57. I Feel bad for them too, especially Paul, since he is my favorite player, how did he get this way, did it start from college or when he got in the NBA, I know his mother taught him right from wrong as a child. You are right most young kids do not respect this guys because they see how they are living their lives. Paul said on the Celtics site, that kids don’t have many people for role models so he try to provide this for them, and I’m thinking you have a groupie staying in the house with you.

  58. Steve, what drama did he get into with the Celtics organization, do they do know he has a drinking problem, and was Julie part of the drama with the Celtics?

  59. He had all type of drama with the Celtics… He got stabbed over a girl back in 2000. Next time he walked into a club in Boston after that incident; he had 2 white chicks, one under each arm. Cooning clown for real the whole club was laughing at his simple ass…. Ton of groupies’ issues some required restraining orders…Some were dealt with pay offs… Julie is just the latest; she is what a call a “Convenient Black”. She is very condescending toward blacks when she is around whites, especially black females. Find some biracial people acts that way. That is one of my biggest problem with her whoring ass… Paul and Wyc (Celtics owner) is kind of close…guess as close as Wyc can be with his property. So Julie stays up in the owners, staff and broadcasters faces 24/7… The Celtics played a huge role in Julie becoming his fiancée. Paul also had a few baby mama drama especially Julie; the Celtics got on his ass about negative publicity this season… He has been robbed more than once, and a few other club brawls. Margaret the black race still have plenty of respectable Brothas to look up to such as Obama, Denzel, Jay Z and Leon Powe to name a few. Think the main reason we (blacks) tend to focus on these Sambo is because that what we see in the media all the time; to keep us angry and divided. Margaret you are helping me out big time while I do all these damn taxes…LOL

  60. I forget to mention that Danny Ainge (team manager) keeps a a psychiatrist around to analyze his players. To make sure he knows how to keep them under control. The Celtics even tried to encourage PP to go back to school and further his education. I swear Brothas like PP, KG and RA is only going to be missed by some of their kids the ones they cared for; jewelry, clothing and liquor stores, auto dealerships, and clubs when they die. All the places they spent most of their time, energy and money…

  61. This is sad, Paul is acting like “Amos and Andy”, coons back in he old day, that is pitiful these young men are that stupid. They don’t seem to have any respect for themselves, I kind of felt like he got engaged to Julie because of the Celtics pressure, but I wouldn’t let them control my life like that, but a great deal of it he brought on himself. This child is pitiful, does his mother know how badly he is behaving, probably can’t tell him anything. I think when they get the money it goes to their heads, you can take them out of the getto, but sometimes its hard to get the getto out of them. I thought the Ballers had a little more sense than the rappers, but I guess I was wrong, I’m so disappointed with them.

  62. Only Paul really knows when he flipped the script… He has 2 older brothers, and most of his male cousins and siblings are Coons too. The pressure to flip probably intensified in college. Considering he was a poor young black kid surround by white people catering to his needs for the first time in his life. Sambo are everywhere I have a few in my family. I don’t even speak to those ignorant bastards… Of course you know all they sit around talking about lately is how Obama is not going to win shit… Those Sambo are gone they can’t be saved…LOL. Back to PP, think definitely when he turned pros his head blew the fuck up… Margaret, there used to be this picture on his site that is my favorite picture of Paul. Don’t know if you saw it, but he was a teenager and had one foot on a bench lacing up his sneakers… It looks like he was in a locker room and it was black and white not colored. You know why it is my favorite? Because when you look in his eyes he was pure. His eyes seem to be saying; I know many doubt me but I believe in me. He seem so confident, dignify and respectable. He took it down, don’t know why…But he replaced it a bunch of club pictures. Guess he wanted to forget that Paul Pierce and only remember the asshole he is now. Maybe that PP is not good or handsome enough to be on his site anymore… Shallow self hating bastard…

  63. I respect rappers way more that black professional ballers. The rappers employs more blacks and does more for their communities…Players only look back to black when they are in trouble and when their services are no longer needed by the leagues. If they get in a jam they will quickly pull out their race cards to recruit us blacks for support. Remember Mr Kobe who marries a latino, raped a young white lady and then got on stage and quoted MLK on injustice… Wow. His mother is in poor health, that the price Sistahs pay for rearing Coons… In my family all the coons hangs together and we treat them like shit. They all have light to white females that is dumb as shit… We have a mixed bag in our family that includes whites… Get this none of our whites or light skin male or female have this trait…All our Coons are dark skin males…. most of them are in their 30’s and older… The younger ones goes out with any color females.. Guess that’s why we see most young players like Dwayne Wade and Lebron with dark skin sistahs… Most of the older players if the chick isn’t light she can’t be Mrs. Right…. The funny thing is those hallow ass relationship never works… Look at Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan and the list goes on… Those guys looks stupider the older they get too… I be cracking the fuck up. I can look at a older black man and tell if he used to be in Coons in his productive days…. Now his ass will settle for female, she could be a black as tar…LMBAO

  64. Someone need to mention this cooning shit to him, and make him face it. His brothers are older than him, and does some of his cousins stay with him in Boston. Has he ever dated a dark-skinned sister before or strickly light or white, I hate to see young people be so shallow and still allow the man to control their minds, hating themselves, because this is what that amounts. If you don’t love yourself, your have a problem, I don’t care what race of woman you are associated with, you are still you. What they are attempting to achieve is impossible. I’ve seen some young black men with white women and heard the white women call them a “nigger”. I try to explain to some of them, just because someone will sleep with you does not mean they are not a bigot. You know Steve, this one site I was on where the people are crazy than hell, these groupie women post everything they have done with these ballers. I have seen things these white girls have said about Paul. They be putting him on blast, telling all the intimate details about going to bed with him, I wondered do they know these women are doing this.

  65. Julie is such a woman didn’t stop her from having his baby and being his fiancee… Margaret, Paul suffers from depression and low self esteem… So does Julie and Rebecca
    they are unhealthy people trying to have healthy relationship good luck…. Paul knows he is a god damn Coon it is working for him at the moment at least in his mind…He does have people living in his house and all type of drama be jumping off… It only going to get worst when Julie starts throwing her weight around…What the hell is wrong with you girl? Don’t waste your time and school these Coons. Why not sit back and let them entertain us by watching them self destruct…. A lot of folks in America think that the white are holding blacks back, I think it the Coons that are keeping blacks down… Look at the areas they come from and look at how they squander their money. You know how many people they could sent to college to be future doctors, scientist, lawyers… Hey they dont appreciate a good education so they rather give it to club promoters, and auto dealerships etc…. Paul is not a role model to wounded puppy… I wouldn’t let him kiss my ass, because I dont have any incurable disease and don’t want any…Margaret I really enjoy our conversation we need to think of a way to stay in touch… But Paul will kill me if he find out who I am so I cant give you my contact information on this site…..Girl the people that runs this site already give him my IP…for real..

  66. Why did they do that, I will stay in contact from this site, I hope Paul don’t get on this site, does he.

  67. Ok… that’s it… I’ve had enough.

    It’s pretty obvious that “Steve Hosey” is full of crap and making things up.

    “the people that runs this site already give him my IP”??

    Are you nuts? We’re just a couple of guys who like the Celtics. I’ve never met Paul Pierce in my life.

    I’ve let stuff slide in the past on this… but the constant dragging of names through the mud is over. I’m disabling comments on this thread.

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