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Thanks to Kevin Garnett’s heart and toughness (along with Corey Brewer’s inability to make a simple inbound pass), the Celtics stole an 87-86 victory tonight over the lowly Timberwolves. Perk’s (21 pts, 3 blks) offensive rebound and put-back with 16 seconds left proved to be the game winner. But it was KG, who picked Sebastian Telfair’s pocket and dove to the floor to grab the loose ball in the final seconds, who made the play of the game. KG did this after leaving the game midway through the final quarter with an abdominal strain. Comcast’s Greg Dickerson said KG was in so much pain, he had to stop and take a knee while walking back into the lockeroom.  Needless to say, Garnett returned and made the big play. I have two questions. How sore will Garnett be tomorrow? And why are the Celtics still playing like crap?

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It should be noted that Sebastian Telfair (18 pts, 6 assts) played well tonight. Too bad he ruined his performance by displaying that ridiculous smirk after making baskets. It rivaled Mark Blount’s skipping routine on the “I am a total doucebag” scale.


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  1. Another reason to love KG….

    In the postgame… talking about the play on Telfair…. he said he was counting the dribbles because he knows Telfair likes to take 2 dribbles and then cross over. Who the hell knows stuff like that?

    KG. That’s who

  2. Chuck, if Garnett is allowed to prance all over the court (standing in the middle like he is some sort of God raising his hands while everybody is waiting), Perk is allowed to growl and pound his chest after every basket, Paul is able to talk trash all game, then someone should be allowed to make a face when they are taking over a game. For you to compare a facial expression to Mark Blunt’s skip show is just horrible and you know it, but it pains you too much to give someone else credit without taking a cheap shot. be better than that.

  3. KG is our savior. Ray Allen couldn’t hit water if he was standing on a boat tonight…Rajon got burned several times by Telfair…But the double team/pressure on Al made up for it cause Telfair wasn’t expecting the basketball…plus KG was right there. Sneaky win;we got to pick up our game.

  4. Didn’t mean to come of sounding like a dick there, but that’s just kind of how I felt. And don’t get me wrong, I love how KG pumps out the crowd, but to allow and praise that and to jump all over Telfair for one face is a glaring double standard.

  5. You’re saying that becaue you like Telfair. If Kobe was making faces, you’d call him names too.

  6. Its no secret I don’t like Telfair. Gerald Green was also acting like a punk. Playing with a chip on their shoulder, as if to show Danny he made a mistake by trading them for KG. Are you kidding me? Did you see any of that crap from Al Jefferson or Ryan Gomes? The answer is no, because they have class and humility.

  7. i fully support telfair’s right to talk shit because he had a fairly decent game, and he’s been having a good season. plus, the circumstances under which he was put in the trade were different. Gomes, jefferson, and green were ‘rising stars’ and ‘valuable assets’ while telfair was basically run out of boston. however, that face he made was just dumb. i need you to do something better than that telf.

    and i think al jefferson doesn’t talk shit because he can’t talk shit. not like he doesn’t have the right to, he just doesn’t have it in him.

    oh and i dont know what the hell was up with gerald green. he seemed real pissed and he wasn’t that impressive. i could upfake gerald green. talk all the shit you want about telfair, but the wolves got three starters from the deal, and gerald green is racking up DNPs left and right. news flash gerald: there’s probably a reason the second worst team in the NBA is renewing your contract.
    maybe they have dunk contests in europe.

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  9. another tim is right on all points…

    talking shit is as much a part of basketball as upfakes and suicides…

    bottom line though, if you can’t back up the talk you’re a joke

    =the difference between a playa like garnett and youngblood like ggreen…

  10. No Chuck I am not kidding. You completely avoided my point, if everyone on the Celtics is allowed to do it, why can’t Telfair make simply make a face. He was treated like trash here, booed by the fans, and now he has overcome a lot of adversity and made something out of himself.

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