The Sad Decline Of Gerald Green

gerald greenG Money.  The future.  The man who would replace Paul Pierce. 

Gerald Green was called all those things and more.  But by the time this season is done, Green will have gone from being heralded as the successor to a future Hall of Famer… to a free agent hoping to hook on with his third team in four years. 

There are still plenty of Gerald Green fans around here.  A lot of you blamed Doc Rivers.  But now another organization is looking at Gerald and passing.  He’s got a decent jumper.  He obviously can jump through the roof.  But his seemingly flat-out refusal to improve on his fundamentals is going to cost him.  His next contract may not pay him as much as he’s getting in his rookie scale contract. 

The play that sums it up was the play highlighted on last night’s broadcast.  Late in the game… Leon Powe tracked down a long offensive board in the corner.  It worked out that Gerald was covering him.  Then, inexplicably, Gerald left him to find his own man.  Rather than call out his man and tell someone to pick him up… he leaves the man with the ball.  Leon proceeds to get the hoop and the foul…. a key play in a 1 point loss.

Its bonehead plays like that that will ultimately run Gerald out of the league.  I’ll even look past the yapping he did when he went on a little run.  He’s a young kid pissed off about a trade.   The good thing for him, though, is that he’s so athletic…. someone will give him a shot.  Hell, maybe in the right system, he’ll do well.  All I know is that right now… the guy we were so hyped up about here… is on the verge of heading to Europe…. or falling into the NBDL draft.

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One other note:  It doesn’t look like Damon Stoudemire will be bought out

8 Responses

  1. Gerald is starting to seem like the kind of guy that will end up having a semi-lucrative career in Europe. European teams love guys like him, high-flyers that can excite the crowd. I thought the same about Telfair, but after watching last night maybe he can stick in the NBA.

  2. My favorite thing about Gerald is that he only has 4 and 1/2 fingers on his right hand.

    I read the article entitled “Relax KG, you only beat the T-Wolves”. Look I love KG to death. And the passion that he shows is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and it is what makes him what he is. But what he did after the game last night was somewhat disrespectful to Timberwolves fans. Not the organization, but the fans. I was somewhat disappointed by that. Any other game I would love that, but not last night.

  3. I say cut KG some slack. If you would take that with any other game… then you should take it from him last night. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get up and think “hey… this would be a great time to show Minnesota up.”

    KG is intense… he’s always going to be. At that moment… when the building is going nuts after a big comeback… that’s what KG will give you. He was playing to the crowd and the crowd was loving it.

  4. He’s done the jersey pull before. And maybe if it was in Minnesota and he pointed to Kevin McHale, I might consider it disrespectful. I feel like Tim is calling out KG, because his beloved Bassy took some hits. Tim…your love for Telfair doesn’t have you thinking clearly…its quite disturbing.

  5. Man… you are too easy. You take bait faster than a starving bass.

    Now that you’ve backed yourself into a corner, why don’t you explain to me how Telfair’s face was disrespectful, whereas Garnett’s actions weren’t disrespectful to Minnasoata fans.

    C’mon if Paul Pierce was traded to the Lakers and after his first game playing against a rebuilding Celtics team he pranced around the court like that, you wouldn’t be angry at Paul? Not to mention, Gerald Green’s faces were far worse and actually directed at the Celtics bench. Telfair’s was competitive and aimed at nobody, I mean how many times have we seen Antione Walker make those faces over the years.

  6. G Money certainly has enough tats now to become an NBA star.

    Is our roster the most tattooless in the NBA? I count Ray, TA, Leon, Rondo and Scal.

  7. I could probably do without a few mother f-ers that Garnett throws out but, the first thing that came to mind when he was tugging the jersey out was that he was “saying” the Celtics don’t quit, we’re the Celtics dammit, etc. Personally I think he was a bit embarrased for the team as a whole and to clampdown defensively and finish off the game picking off Telfair just added more fuel to the moment. Isn’t he like a orchestra conductor or pastor when he gets the crowd on their feet? He will be healing the handicapped up in the loge before the season’s over.

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