You’re Kidding Me

hedo turkoglu 

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I hate it when we’re burned by the BS “wait until no time is left, take a crappy shot” play.  When Hedo Turkoglu stood there until there were a couple seconds left before making his move…. I thought we were definitely going to OT.  When he drained that crazy shot from a couple feet beyond the arc… I launched into a profanity-laced tirade that just ended. 

The bottom line in this game:  Dwight Howard killed us.  He blocked just about everything…. and the C’s were so scared about him blocking shots… they refused to take it strong to the hole.  I can’t even count how many times guys drove, soiled themselves, passed it out to someone else who drove… and soiled HIMSELF… and then kicked it out for a jumper.  Without KG, there was no one to challenge Howard, or pull him away from the hoop.  The C’s made their runs when (a) Howard was sitting and (b) when the 3’s finally started falling.

One note about Howard:  My man-love for him has been well documented here… but he’s starting to piss me off.  That wild arm swing that would have knocked Rajon Rondo to the floor if it had connected had better be reviewed by the league.  It was blatant.  It should have been a technical foul… and considering this came down to a buzzer-beater… calling it may have changed the outcome of the game.  I hope the Celtics send that play off to be reviewed, and Howard is heavily fined.

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  1. The league probably won’t do anything about Howard. The first time the Cs were down in Orlando he took swipes at Scal and Pollard and he they did not give him a technical then either. He should have been tossed from that game. I was screaming for a T there too. Perk gets em just for glaring at people. Paul gets them for talking. Ray gets them for being tackled. Dwight Howard does’nt even get them for hitting people or trying to hit them. Those really are bullshit non-calls in a close game. Why does Howard get the benefit of LeBron/Wade calls by the refs?

  2. It was such a blatant elbow. According to the refs non-call, you can throw a punch, and as long as you miss, its not a foul.

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  5. Not just Rondo, but Leon was being blatantly hammered by Howard. This included a single play in which Howard channeled his inner King Kong Bundy and threw Powe to the ground, the Magic launched into a fast break that ended with a Howard dunk over Ray Allen. That game was such a homer job it was ridiculous.

    I do disagree with Bill Walton however, who stated that the C’s should have been “crushed” by the Magic (sans KG). The Cs are a much better team now than a year ago, and can even take a full-strength Magic squad (who cares about Jameer Nelson) nearly to the mat even without our best player.

  6. man that swing pissed me off. it really sucks for the league when fans start getting the impression that certain players can get away with that crap. who wants to be a player with the “dirty” label affixed? it didn’t get malone a ring, did it? you would think stern would get this and make sure that kind of play was punished. ok, howard is a superstar of the future, fine, but let’s have some superstars who play clean and win with good sportsmanship, not with cheap shots. we don’t need any more kobes in this game. ugh.

  7. Looking at the press today, it’s like this swing never happened. It’s sad, and it’s bad for the game.

  8. Hedo hit a tough shot. Get over it and stop your whining about the officials.

  9. Please, all of you would be frustrated with the way Rondo crowds people. Tell your boy to back off!

  10. Don’t say get over it, punk! Anyone who lets such a blatant attempt by a player to hit an opponent (though he was as accurate as he was in shooting free shots) has no business watching basketball. He should be just lapping up a brawl in a UFC battle or a fight between Manny Pacquiao and anyone of those Mexican boxers.

    I would say this is a test of what kind of integrity David Stern and the NBA have. The attempted blow by a seven-foot, 260-pound Dwight Howard over a 6-foot, 170-pound Rajon Rondo just cries for just punishment. This is the only way it can serve as a deterrent to future bullying by brash, arrogant players, even if those players are supposed to be Christians and future franchise superstars like Howard.

  11. That swing from Howard was blatant… it was as blatant as a punch.

    And that shot from Turkoglu was total bullshit. I give him credit for hitting the bullshit shot… but to turn around, fade away, and hit a 3 from 2 feet behind the arc with a man in your face is total bullshit. I don’t care if its Pierce, Kobe, the ghost of Michael Jordan or Hedo freakin’ Turkoglu.

  12. “Please, all of you would be frustrated with the way Rondo crowds people. Tell your boy to back off!”

    @jake, are you nuts? tell your boy to back off? if he crowds people too much then it’s on the refs to call a foul. it’s called playing defense. are you saying everyone should take swings at guys who play tough defense? i don’t see anyone else trying to knock rondo’s block off. sure get frustrated all you want, but be a grown up about it. taking a swing like that is beyond lame. would you be justifying it if rondo was in the hospital?

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