Random Thoughts

Every once in a while, I have some random thoughts about what’s going on in Celtics-land… but none of them are big enough to flesh out into full-scale posts.  This is one of those days… so here they are:

  • Am I the only one who wondered where Rashard “Max Contract” Lewis was on the last play yesterday?  You’d think they might set a pick or something for the highest paid shooter on the team.  That’d raise my eyebrow if I was a Magic fan.
  • Put me in the camp that thinks Paul Pierce did all he could defensively on that play.  I’m willing to bet KG would have taken Turkoglu if he was playing… to force him to shoot over the biggest guy on the floor. 
  • Props to Doc Rivers for not caving to the pressure from KG.  Doc sees the big picture.  I think it was important for the C’s to figure out what they could do without KG in the lineup.  We need him healthy in May and June.
  • Losing James Posey might hurt us more in some regards than losing Garnett.  The C’s looked completely disjointed without Posey the last few nights.  Yesterday, he hit some HUUUUGE 3’s to keep the C’s alive. 
  • Jason Kidd supposedly wants a trade.  He’s about to be 35 years old.  New Jersey’s not going anywhere.  If I’m running the Nets, I say goodbye to Kidd and accept young talent and draft picks in return.  I also would have let Vince Carter walk.  They didn’t… so they’re kinda screwed for a while.
  • Al Jefferson dropped 40 points last night.  He’s averaging 29 a game in the TWolves current run of 3 wins in 4 games.   And while I don’t believe he will sustain it… I’ll go ahead and publically say that Sebastian Telfair has done a good job for them as a starter.  I doubt he’ll stick around in Minny because they’ve got other plans… which will force him onto the 4th team of his career.  That will be another setback for him… and its part of why I think he’ll end up as a career back up.
  • Why don’t I think Damon Stoudemire will sign with the Celtics?  Chuck laid out a good case for Damon, and I know he can help… I just don’t see it happening.  For the record, I didn’t see Ray Allen or KG happening… so expect Damon to hold up a C’s jersey by the end of the week.

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