Bring On A Real Team

dirkHoly Christ the Miami Heat suck.  I’ve seen teams suck before… but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

Hey… I believe in our C’s as much as the next guy.  More, even.  But there’s no way in hell the Celtics should beat anyone by 30 without KG, Ray Ray and 7 points from the Truth.  What’s next, Eddy Curry on Slim Fast?  The Clippers making prudent roster moves?   C’mon.

The one thing I hope Miami’s follies expose is that Pat Riley isn’t a genius like most of the media would like you to believe.  He’s a decent coach.  But he benefited from Magic, Kareem, Worthy et. al. the same way KC Jones benefited from all our great Celtics…. and where’s poor KC now?  And when Miami was poised to make its run a couple of years ago… he calmly pushed Ron Jeremy out the door and landed that championship plane on his own.  Bra…. vo.

Let’s bring on a real team.  Gimme the Mavs so people will shut the eff up about us not beating Western powers.  KG’s pissed rested after sitting for 2 games… and he’ll be ready to lay some serious smack down.  Ray will be over the flu by tomorrow.  I’m sick of sleep walking through the wanna-be’s of the world.  Let’s play some BALL!!! 

Herald: Celts elect to win  |  Big 3 minus an important 2  |  Globe:  2 out rally for C’s  |  Allen latest floored by flu bug  |  Hartford Courant:  Little 3 carry Celtics  |  ESPN:  Stoudemire likely to sign with Spurs  |  Webber to Warriors  |  Spurs slide continues  |   SI:  5 likely Kidd trade partners  | 


6 Responses

  1. I don’t think KG will play Thursday against Dallas. He’ll sit and rest 5 more days because the next game isn’t until five days later in Cleveland. It’s the safe move….I don’t like it…but its the safe move.

  2. Yeah, the Miami Heat do suck. But I think this game was more important then you think. The team destroyed a NBA ballclub (albeit barely), without the much glorified “Big 3.” The Celtics ARE for real, and this shows it.

  3. Garnett would probably jump off the Green Monster if they sit him out another game… and against Dallas too…
    But if he really can’t play, then it’s what’s best for him

  4. I think that KG will play BECAUSE he’s got a few days to rest after the game. Doc hinted at KG maybe playing against Miami… so I think he’ll let KG run a little and see how it goes. The second anything seems to bug him… he gets pulled.

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  6. […] Garnett, Ray Allen Celtics rout Heat Celtics 24/7 Shorthanded Celts crush Heat Red’s Army Bring on a real team Hartford Courant Little 3 carry Celtics BostonNow Scroll to page 9 for Patrick Gilroy’s […]

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