So… Were We Just Bored?

james poseyWe can blame our recent slide on things like injuries… but we just beat one of the best teams in the league without our best player.  Not only that…  we held off their runs.  We rallied to make key plays at key times.  So the question is…

Were the Celtics just bored in January?  Was there some level of disinterest that caused the team to take its foot off the throttle a bit? 

I will reiterate this statement:  losing James Posey is in many ways worse for us than losing KG. 

Obviously, KG is one of the best players of all time and losing him hurts.  But guys like Pierce and Ray Allen can step up and pick up some scoring slack… and if we get good contributions from Perkins and the other guys off the bench… we can make do.  But losing Posey means the C’s don’t have that spark off the bench…. that guy who can make the key defensive stop (like he did to end the game last night) or to hit the big 3 pointer (Eddie House isn’t ALWAYS on). 

I think of Posey as the Kevin Faulk of the Celtics.  He’s not the first guy you think of that will kill you… but if you’re not careful… he’ll make all the key plays and be the game’s MVP.

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3 Responses

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  2. Pose was so huge last night! He hit some clutch threes and was shutting down Dirk when he had him. And props to Rajon–that rebound in the closing seconds iced the game. This game was up there with the win over Detroit at home.

  3. I assume you mean at Detroit, but yes, this was one of the best wins of the season. The Minnesota game was the most entertaining game of the season, but games like last night and both Detroit games are what basketball is all about.

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