Ain’t Gonna Happen

lakers vs. celticsJust wanted to tell everyone who thinks the Pau Gasol trade would suddenly vault the Lakers up into the “NBA Finals Contender” stratosphere… sorry… ain’t gonna happen.

The Gasol trade makes the Lakers better offensively… but tell me… is he suddenly going to play defense in LA?  And is his attitude going to get any better playing along side Kobe Bryant?  SI asked a scout… who said:

“Lakers bigs in the past have been good at following Kobe to the rim and cleaning up behind him. So it will be on Gasol as to how motivated he is to contribute the offensive rebounds and easy put-backs that bigs can contribute when they are not as involved.

“Bottom line, it’s going to be up to Gasol how well he’s willing to assimilate to the Lakers rather than how the Lakers assimilate to him”

I don’t know about you… but “motivated” and “Gasol” haven’t often been combined in the same sentence.

I’d love nothing more than to replace that photo with one of Rajon Rondo driving against Lamar Odom… but I just don’t see it.  The Lakers still aren’t good (or fast) enough to run with Phoenix… and they’re not good enough defensively to stop them… so why should anyone think this team will go beyond the Conference Finals at best? 

SI:  Gasol deal makes Lakers a serious contender  |  Herald:  C’s have a lot in reserve  |  Baby Time:  Fans of Davis shouldn’t jump off ledge  |  Globe:  Harris says take ab strains seriously  |  Hoopsworld: Celtics more than 3  |  SF Chronicle:  House, Powe helping Celtics  |  AOL Fanhouse:  LA has a brighter future than Boston

And I’ll just draw a little attention to this link:  The Denver Nuggets are looking at trading for Sam Cassell


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  1. I disagree John. Look, I hate the Lakers more than the Yankees, and I hate Kobe more than A-rod. But when you give Kobe a front line of Bynum, Gasol, and Odom, look out. Not to mention the Lakers have two very underestimated guards in Fisher and Farmar. The West is crowded at the top, but at the same time it’s wide open. Any one from Houston the ten seed, to New Orleans the one seed can come out of the west. Adding Gasol gives the Lakers as good a chance as anyone to do it.

  2. I’m not arguing that it doesn’t make the Lakers better. Kwame Brown for Gasol obviously make them better… but only better offensively.

    They’re the 3rd highest scoring team in the NBA… but they’re giving up the 8th most points. Will Gasol really improve that?

    The Lakers might have been better off getting Stromile Swift

  3. Hey John

    Enjoy your blog and am a fellow Celtics fan. But I’m not as optimistic as you. When healthy look at their starting five:

    Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol.

    Tough lineup. Crazy lineup.

    I hear ya on the lazy thing. And as a long-suffering Celtics fan, I am still pinching myself this year that what we see is actually happening. So, I’m pessimistic.

    But I hope you are correct on this. If you want to see something funny — check out the Memphis Grizzlies fans’ reactions to the trade. They are not very happy. Here’s a link:

    Enjoy your blog. Go Celts…

  4. One thing I didn’t really mention either is that with the new draft rules… lower draft picks have more value. Guys are staying in school longer… drafts are getting deeper… and Danny Ainge has proven that talent is available into the second round.

    Thanks for the nice words Casper

  5. hahaha i knew the logo put in a word for us check it out Man Do I Luv My Lakers get ready for a Celtics and Laker rivalry renewed again

  6. Editor’s Note: The comment below was edited extensively due to the fact Lakers fans are complete morons.

    F*** THIS SITE







  7. Lakers cant run with PHX we beat them twice this year one a blowout in phoenix and once in LA the only time they beat us is when Andrew was hurt also if u think about when the celtics beat the Lakers in LA Celtics keep their starts in the whole 4th qt and only beat them by 10-14pts so plz nxt time you come up with the idea that we cant run with phx check the previous game and box score

  8. As always the Laker fans are so insightful, still say Lakers won’t make it to the second round.

  9. I don’t know whether to be honored that we’re one of the first destinations for Lakers fans to go hate…. or upset that the retards keep polluting this site.

    Eh… whatever…

    I’ll give KobeisKing style points for putting an apostrophe in the word “fuck”. What the hell is that?

  10. Ya, actually we are gonna kill the suns now instead of barely beating them. And there is no way Stromile Swift is a better fit than Pau Gasol – are u out of your mind? The only teams that could knock us off in the west are the Spurs and the Hornets. And then it will be lakers vs celtics or kobe vs lebron in the finals, man that would be sick.

  11. and sorry about the other imature laker fans polluting ur site, thats not how most of us are

  12. I think the Lakers match up well with Phoenix, actually. The Suns don’t have the “bigs” to keep Bynum, Gasol, and Odom off the boards or from scoring. Sure, Marion could guard Odom or Gasol, but who’s going to stop Bynum from scoring? Stoudemire? He occasionally has a 2- or 3-block game, but his man-to-man defense is abysmal. Skinner? I like his toughness, but he’s just not good enough. Assuming both teams are at full strength, I’d pick the Lakers to win in 6 games just based on the huge advantage on the front line.

    … and I hate the Lakers.

  13. The problem with that analysis Ben Q….is that Kobe won’t let the front-line get enough touches. He’ll assume it’s his show.

  14. the problem with that analysis BigMck is that u havent watched a single laker game and dont know what ur talking about. Is everyone on the east coast this ignorant reguarding kobe bryant?

  15. Have to admit I agree with lakerlaker Kobe is at times to “unselfish” belive it or not. When he turns into a ballhog is when he;s either ticked or his teammates can’t hit a shot.I have always liked Gasol however is this the right team for him,or will it end like Curry and Randolf where ther’s not enough room in the paint. Either way I LOVE THE NBA THIS YEAR MORE THEN EVER.

  16. BigMck, I think Kobe will be willing to share the ball with Gasol, Odom, and Bynum. He’s taking fewer shots this year as it is.

  17. i dont know, i would assume that bigmck watched at least two laker games this year.

    you know the two where the celtics beat them.

    i’m just kidding, those don’t count as games. games are competitive.

  18. Wow…
    Fairly surprised at you painting ‘all Laker fans’ that way John. Thankfully, not everyone condemns all fans of a franchise upon the acts of one idiot.

    I consider myself lucky to have seen Pau Gasol play for Spain in the World Championships here in Japan in 2006. He didn’t lack for motivation there, nor would he be considered ‘lazy’.
    Guy’s a class act, and rather than downplay the importance of the trade, how about appreciating it for what it is? And for the chance it gives Gasol, who from all accounts is not only a great player, but a guy deserving a chance out of a franchise that was moving nowhere…

    Add to that, LA didn’t have to put the future of the franchise in hock to get him.

    To those arguing against Kobe being perceived as a ballhog – ignore those guys. No matter what he does, he’ll be considered as such (even tho’ he has the highest apg for players listed at SGs in the league). There are none so blind as… aaaah forget it.

    It is good to see that quite a few here recognise that the addition of Gasol-ine to the Lakers makes them a force to be reckoned with.
    They are contenders.
    Perhaps not they won’t actually ‘contend’ for the finals year, but definitely for a few years to come they will be up there.

  19. see you in the finals. you cant even beat the wizards. we did

  20. To be fair LAKERFAN, it doesn’t work like that.

    You’re forgetting, they beat the Lakers. Twice.
    Still… should be more interesting now.

  21. Guys, cool it. If you haven’t noticed, the Lakers are no longer Fakers with Pau Gasol on board. They may not have improved defensively but they’d be quite a handful on offense, and they may just have enough weapons to make it into the finals as early as this year, barring further injuries. And if you’ve been watching the Celtics (of course you’ve been), they, too, are legit, no matter if they’re missing Kevin Garnett now and maybe for sometime and notwithstanding the fact that they have yet to face the Spurs, Suns and Hornets. Know what? These two squads may just be on course to meet in this year’s finals, and when that happens, it would be the ’80s all over once more and we may just come near those golden years of the sport again. So I don’t see any reason why we should bicker about whether the Lakers are improved or not. They are, without a doubt. The only question is if they have enough firepower to offset the Celtics’ defense come the finals, again barring any more injuries to both teams. Cheers!

  22. I’ll still take defense over offense.

    There is no doubt at all that the Lakers improved… but my main point of contention is that they did not improve in the right area.



  24. Solid argument. I never thought of things that way.

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