Mid-Season Report Card

With 5 days off between games and the media focusing on the latest Patriots cheating allegations, I decided now is the time to roll out our mid-season report card for the C’s. We’re 36-8 and 5 games better than anyone else in the league. Is there really anything to complain about? Read on….

Kevin Garnett (A) – How should I put this? He’s been everything and more. He doesn’t get an A+ because I feel he can be more aggressive offensively in the fourth quarter of games.

Paul Pierce (A-) – He’s been able to share the spotlight with KG better than any of us imagined. Passing the ball and playing defense like never before. But his inconsistent shooting bothers me.

Ray Allen (B) – He may be shooting a career low 41%, but I believe it’s because of his role in the offense. Don’t let Ray play the point, force him to come off screens, and you will see the numbers rise.

Rajon Rondo (B) – Has been driving to the hoop like a menace lately.  The league clearly forgot his outside shot is suspect. The team’s inconsistency when Rondo’s been out with injuries proves his worth.

Kendrick Perkins (B-) – Don’t ignore Perk, or he’ll get you (see 24 pts against Knicks). Still frustrated with his extremely limited offensive skills. My favorite stat: only fouled out of one game.

James Posey (B) – Proved his value in the Dallas game; playing D and hitting 3s. Shooting career best 41% from beyond arc. Will likely see more minutes as season progresses.

Eddie House (B+) – Solid offensive weapon off the bench. Hasn’t taken as many poor shots as we feared. Inability to bring up the ball under pressure defense is major concern.

Tony Allen (C) – Severly inconsistent but I’m willing to cut him some slack due to the knee injury. If the confidence returns, could be a major contributor in the second half of season.

Glen Davis (B) – Love his knack for the ball. Can’t jump, but finds a way to put the ball in the hoop. Clueless at times, but what can you expect from a baby?

Scot Pollard (C-) – Hasn’t shown much, mainly because he’s been hampered by injuries all season.

Brian Scalabrine (C) – He is, what he is. Not going to rip the guy because Ainge was foolish enough to pay him $3 million over 5 years.

Leon Powe (B) – Finally getting minutes and proving he’s a tough, hard-nosed dude who can finish strong.

Gabe Pruitt (C-) – Tough to rate a guy who barely plays, and spends time floating between C’s and D-League.

Doc Rivers (B) – Someone needs credit for the unity, unselfishness this team has shown. His mad scientist approach to the rotation has finally surfaced.

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4 Responses

  1. It is unbelievable that you would give House a higher grade than James Posey.

  2. I feel the expectations were/are much higher for Posey than House. Maybe I’m holding him to an unfair standard.

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