paul pierceA lot of attention has been paid to Big Baby after the Spurs game… and with good reason.  He didn’t stop Tim Duncan… but he kept him in check.  Holding Duncan to 10-20 shooting is very commendable… considering that matchup had the potential for Duncan shooting 18-25 and dropping a monster game on us.

But lost in all the Davis adulation is the stifling perimeter defense played by the entire team.  Take Duncan’s numbers out of things and the rest of the Spurs only shot 42% (35.5% from 3).  Take Duncan’s 6 offensive rebounds away… and the rest of the Spurs only managed 1 (from their point guard, no less).  Manu Ginobili scored the first 11 points of the game… and then didn’t score again until there were 4 minutes left in the half.  And when he took obviously off-balance shots in an effort to draw late fouls… Tony Allen didn’t go for the fakes (consider it a lesson learned from the first Detroit game).

I want to point out Paul Pierce’s effort most of all… because superstars who carry the scoring burden often take possessions off on the defensive end.  But I didn’t see that from Pierce.  He sent the rest of the Celtics a clear message:  if I can bust my ass on defense while I’m scoring 35… the rest of you can help me out too. 

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6 Responses

  1. Don’t faint…cuz I’m about to give Doc Rivers some credit. He decided not to routinely double Tim Duncan. With Perk and KG out, you’d have to say, “Are you crazy?” But it worked…not only because Davs and Powe played fairly well, but because I think it took San Antonio out of a rhythm and allowed our guys to challenge them on the perimeter.

  2. Were those just frogs I saw falling from the sky?

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  5. Thanks Redsarmy for acknowledging Paul’s splendid performance. Occasionally PP’s talents are taken for granted. PP is a warrior on the court and he shows up every night to play. He does whatever it takes for the C’s to win. Also, agreed Doc’s coaching was on point.

  6. i just can’t believe rondo didn’t get the triple double.

    man, everything the doubters said was true. we can’t win against the elite west, and we’re screwed if any of our big three gets hurt… oh wait

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