What If…

paul pierce 

We’ve gotten to the point where the crazy vagrant on the corner that smells like pee and “talks” to God keeps asking me about our back-up point guard situation.  And I keep telling him “Dad.. it doesn’t really look like its going to happen any time soon… if at all.” 

Yes… its possible that Sam Cassell will get bought out…. or Gary Payton will be signed at the last minute.  But what if neither of those things happen?  What if we don’t sign a back up?  What then?

What if… we turn to Paul Pierce?  What if, when Rajon Rondo is out of the game, Paul Pierce becomes the primary ball handler instead of Ray Allen?

The thought really first popped into my head in the San Antonio game (even though he ended up with no assists).  Paul can bring the ball up against most small forwards, and his passing has been spot-on all year long.  Paul is used to creating his own shot off the dribble… while Ray (and Eddie House) is much more effective coming off screens. 

I understand that in this scenario, Ray would still be relied on to bring the ball up some times.  There will be instances of Rondo and Pierce on the bench together.  But I think I’d rather see Paul bringing the ball up rather than House or Tony Allen right now.  Tony Allen has stepped up his game recently… but his ball handling is still suspect.  Tony’s only effective off the dribble if he’s driving to the hoop… not when he’s breaking down defenses. 

I think Pierce is our second best player (behind Rondo) in beating guys off the dribble.  He knows how to find guys and he knows how to finish.  Maybe bringing back the old “point forward” position when Rondo is out is the answer if we’re not able to bring someone else in.

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And congrats to KG… whose wife is apparently expecting a baby 


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  3. Have to agree with Mr. Pissy we need a vet point guard behind Rondo. The scenario “PP what if” would only be good for one playoff series. The next team up would make the necessary adjustments. PP would be picking up fouls left, right and center. Your assessment of Tony Allen and House is on point… At times I swear the chemicals Tony uses to process his hair are affecting his ball handling skills… “Jack it up House” do I need to say more. House has been on how many teams so far? I’m standing in the corner with Mr. Pissy begging God for a vet point guard… No Redsarmy I don’t mind his odor I’ll put up with anything for a championship…. Make that call to Danny Ainge right now Redsarmy. We know he listen to you tell him to get us a vet point guard. Not Gary Payton anyone but GP.

  4. I have to say no to PP as PG as well. I don’t think it will have a positive affect on the offense. Go out and get someone Danny boy…

  5. Well… we pretty much ALL want a back up PG… but the scenario here is what if Danny DOESN’T?

    What if Cassell isn’t bought out? What if GP isn’t signed? What if we go into the playoffs as currently constituted?

  6. I don’t know very much about Gabe Pruitt, but one obvious question is why isn’t he being groomed as Rajon Rondo’s backup? Rajon showed he could handle the load last year as a rookie, and even more this year. With the right coaching, I think Gabe can do the same thing. The argument against Gabe taking the point in the second unit (and having Eddie at the 2) is that we need a veteran, especially come playoff time. But we’ve got veterans galore at all the other positions, both on the first and second units. I think we have some freedom to give a young guy like Pruitt some run, while maintaining a veteran presence on the floor.

    We could have had the same conversation about Leon or Baby a month or two ago, that they can perform under pressure and deserve PT. Doc didn’t give them a chance until he was forced to, and look at what they’ve done for us. I think Doc is a good coach, but his biggest shortcoming is that he doesn’t give the younger guys enough of a chance.

  7. That’s my one big knock on Doc Rivers. He does have a history of not going with a young guy until he has to. It’s how Leon Powe got a shot last season… same with Ryan Gomes. Even Rondo to a much lesser extent.

    That said, I don’t think Pruitt is really the answer. Its one thing to have a rookie on the post. It’s completely another to have one at the point. I think down the road, Pruitt’s the guy. I think he’s our new Delonte as far as a combo-back up guy. I think Tony Allen is gone after this year… and Pruitt steps in.

  8. I haven’t seen anything from Gabe to make me think he’s an option this season.

    If Danny fails us, and doesn’t sign anyone, I’d rather see Ray at the point than Paul.

  9. [And I keep telling him “Dad.. it doesn’t really look like its going to happen any time soon… if at all.”]

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day. Props.

  10. Let me get this striaght If PP can run PG and have the future MVP and soon to be HOF, KG on the floor. Then Danny the GM won’t need AARP member GP ASAP. Even though RR will get the most PT. we will champs of the NBA?

  11. Hey maw… Jester’s drinking the Thompson’s Water Seal again!

  12. You are correct. The offense ALWAYS runs smoother when Paul brings the ball up with Rondo on the bench. Ray spends too much time screwing around with it. I would still consider adding Gary Payton if he has stayed in shape though. A Rondo injury would be very bad.

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