Dear David Stern…

Consider this an open letter from the fans.

I know you’re probably pissed off that Aaron McKie and Keith Van Horn are getting millions of dollars because desperate NBA teams are trying anything they can to win a championship.  We fans are too. 

No, not because we’re upset that collective bargaining rules are being flouted or that reckless billionaires are paying rich guys more money while raising our ticket prices every year (ok, we’re a little pissed about that part).  We’re pissed off because we’re thinking… why not us?  Why can’t the fans get a piece of the action?  Why can’t the fans experience the joy (or shock and horror when you’re sent to Jersey) of being traded? 

So since NBA teams will always be looking for way to fill that extra 2 or 3 million dollars to make trades work… I say we create the “fan exemption.”  It works like this:  When a trade is consumated, a team can invoke the “fan exemption” to make up a difference of a couple million bucks.  At that time, the team announces that its looking for a couple of loyal fans who want to take a month long vacation (30 days is the minimum a traded player has to spend with his new team before he can be bought out).  You can hold an essay contest or whatever other competition to determine which two fans are truly the most loyal and hard-core fans of the team.  The winners get $1 million per, and off they go. 

Look David, we all know that Keith Van Horn is about to get a ton of money for doing nothing.  Everyone in the world knows he’s not going to come back.  Why not actually make trades exciting for the fans?  How awesome would it be to read that the Mavericks traded Trenton Hassell, Devin Harris, Dasagana Diop… along with Billy Bob Jones and Lor’leen Jenkins to New Jersey?  They’re happy, the Nets are happy, the Mavs are happy… and we don’t have to watch the farce that is retired guys getting millions for doing nothing.

Frankly, David… I think that’s the best way to make fans happy about the way trades go down.  We know you’re going to make a new rule for next season that’s going to make it harder for teams to trade pissed off stars… but we don’t want that.  We want some money… and the ability to ship Mr. “I don’t want to play here anyomore” out of here.


The Fans


4 Responses

  1. Signed.

  2. Deal.. Done.. Sold!!

  3. Can I be first on the fan list?

  4. I would hope that since its my proposal… I’d get first crack at it.

    Maybe we can do a “blogger’s exemption”

    Actually…how funny would that be? The Celtics trade Leon Powe and John from Red’s Army to the Clippers for Sam Cassell and a blogger to be named later.

    I’d have to blog about the clippers for 30 days until they cut me and I could re-sign with the Celts

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