Fear The Beard

baron davisGoddam Baron Davis. 

Paul Pierce had just hit 2 free throws to tie the game at 117 with 6 seconds left.  Everyone in the world knew Baron Davis was taking that last shot.  Tony Allen played Baron Davis just about as tough as you could… forcing him to take a fadeaway jumper rather than letting him get to the hole and draw contact.  And Davis drilled it.  A game winner with .3 seconds left.  Warriors win 119-117.

The bigger question here is:  Where the hell is the defense?  The Celtics have given up 124 and 119 in consecutive nights.  They gave up 119 to a Warriors team that didn’t have Stephen Jackson… a Warriors team they held to 82 back in November.

The most glaring stat-lines out of this game:

James Posey:  13 minutes, 1 point (0-2, 1-2 ft), 0 reb, 0 stl, -12 +/-.  

Kendrick Perkins/Leon Powe/Glen Davis combined for 11 points and 9 rebounds, no blocks and 5 turnovers.  Just a terrible night out of the post players on a night where the C’s were out-rebounded 49-37… and 16-8 on the offensive boards.  Ugh. 

That’s the first loss on back-to-back nights (there was a day off between the 2 Washington losses)… and the second losing streak on the season for the C’s.  Can you hear the whispers about the Celtics against good West Coast teams?  They’ll be starting soon… and they’ll get louder if the C’s lose Friday in Phoenix.

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  1. i hope this roa_ trip (get it? no d) turns around and they can finish strong. we really need kg back to his old form.

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