Deadline Deals: Good or Bad for C’s?

We had a blockbuster… we had some nothing deals… and we had the Celtics making no deal (which was not at all unexpected).

So from the Celtics perspective… was it a good or bad day for us?

Let’s start with the lack of the move for our C’s.  I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with Marty Burns today… who lists the C’s as one of the losers yesterday.  A deal for Sam Cassell was almost impossible because he makes $6 mil., and we’d have to send a lot over to LA to make the deal work.  They wouldn’t take Scal…. and giving up any more than 1 player and maybe a 2nd rounder means the C’s completely go for it all this year.  Call me nuts… but as much as I’m thinking banner 17 for this season… I want want either (a) banners 18 and 19…. or (b) a chance next season if banner 17 doesn’t happen this year.

So the C’s did what we thought… and what I think most of us were fine with… which is nothing.

As for that 11 player mega-swap… I find it very interesting.  I think the Cavs might have gotten a little better in some regards… but they’re re-tooling their whole roster just a few months before the playoffs.  That’s tough.  I think Ben Wallace will be good for them… and I’ll get a chance to see if I was right about Ben Wallace still having enough in the tank to make an impact.  But the Cavs are also placing a lot of faith in Wally Szczerbiak to stay healthy.  Same with Delonte… who has been hurt a lot this year…. but we know he’s a tough bastard that can help them.  I think this trade helps Cleveland more next year than it does right now.

By the way… since Sam Presti took over in Seattle this summer… he has given himself 13 picks in the next three drafts to work with… and he now has 6 contracts worth $15.5 million expiring this year.  Now THAT… is rebuilding.

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6 Responses

  1. The Detroit News is claiming that Flip Murray will be bought out of his prorated $1.9 million deal, possibly today. Do you think we’re interested in Murray as a Rondo back-up? Or is he not much of an upgrade over Eddie?

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  3. I think he’s a shooter. He’s definitely a score first guy.

    Here’s the funny thing about Murray. He’s almost always been a bench guy. But when a starter goes down… he comes in and averages like 25 a game… and then he goes back to the bench…. and he scores like 6 a game. I’ve never seen such a stark difference in production from anyone.

  4. Marty Burns is a moron. There’s no way in hell the Celtics could have pulled off a fair trade for Cassell. It’s always been about the buyout. And I just pray its the Lakers that come out of the West…because the Celtics or the Pistons will destroy them.

  5. See I think the Cavs did great yesterday, I think they are now a challenger to Detroit and the C’s with these changes. Chemistry could be an issue as you mentioned, but I think they are a much better team now. Wallace goes back to a more comfortable situation where all he is asked to do is play defense, rebound, and look mean. When healthy Wally is pretty good at what the Cavs will be asking him to do, get open and hit shots. He’s not being asked to be the second option like he was here and towards the end in Minn, he goes back to the role he had with the TWolves when they had Spree and Cassell. I always thought Delonte, much like Gomes, would be a much better player if he was on a good team, he gets that chance now.

  6. I think Joe Smith will have a more positive impact than Wallace will. Szerbiak can hit all the shots he wants because he can’t stop anyone from scoring on him so it will be even. I see this as more of an improvement of personalities and character, than talent. If that makes Lebron happier, than I guess it’s a win for Cleveland. Since Gooden torches the Celtics sometimes, I’m glad to see him go.

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