I Miss Delonte

delonte westI’d rather have Delonte West than Sam Cassell.  There.. I said it. 

I miss Delonte.  I mean… this team is fun… but it would be so much more fun with him around.

I know… I know… we had to give him up to get Ray… and I’d make that move again if there was a do-over. 

But I still miss the guy. 

Nothing really new to report on Sam Cassell.  Donald Sterling is still cheap:

Yesterday, however, there was no news, other than the emergence of one NBA truism: Sterling and his money are not easily parted. The owner actually said Monday night that he figured if Cassell were to leave the team, then the Clippers’ financial obligation to him would go with the player. Doesn’t work that way, Donald.

No wonder the Clippers are perennial jokes.  Also… speaking of jokes:  The Knicks are so pathetic… even comic strips are taking shots at them (nod to TrueHoop for the link). 

Back to the C’s… and tonight’s game.  The Celtics are trying to build off the momentum of 2 wins in a row out west… but I’m afraid this game is going to be sloppy.  Its the first home game in 2 weeks.  Some of these guys have been a way for way too long… and we’re coming back from a lot of time on the west coast.  The Cavs are on the back end of a back-to-back… with a completely made-over team. 

What are the odds that this game is anything besides an ugly festival of turnovers and missed shots?  You might see rebounding numbers in the 60’s. 

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14 Responses

  1. You miss an often-injured guy who isn’t a real point guard? That’s just what we need – another 2 forced into playing the point. We’ve already been down that road.

  2. Hater

  3. Either way the team gets a lot uglier.

  4. […] complaining about being in the East Yahoo Sports Hollywood stars greet the Celtics Red’s Army I miss Delonte Mongoose and McKeon Sam I Am on his way? RightFielders Brandi Garnett is Kevin’s basketball […]

  5. and Dumber……Hanger!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s wooping time

  6. Jester… its like you got Delonte back you bastard. You get to see him all the time now.

  7. he looked pretty good last night, he almost had Triple double, still looks like he forcing a bit to much though all-in-all B+ game I like him. but Sam if it happens is a better fit

  8. I was hoping we got Mike Bibby or Jason Kidd, but I’m really starting to like this guy. He’s young and plays with a lot of energy. I think he’s going to fit just right in Cleveland.

    Don’t miss him too much, or I just might find away to tap into those vulnerable emotions and convert you to a Cavs fan! :-)

    I’m sure it would be a long shot though, as Cavs fans are a rare breed (and have been for some time). Everyone seems to be in love with Boston, Detroit, or the Lakers.

  9. Oops! Let me make the correction: “…might find a way…”

    I’ve ran into some comment pefectionists (not on this blog and I won’t name any sites) in my reaching out to interact with other bloggers. It’s funny to me because they act as if your writing a dissertation, rather than a quick comment.

  10. Other blogs can go fuck themselves.

    I’m kidding…. of course…. I love you all… please continue to link to us.

    I have no animosity towards the Cavs at all. I love LeBron… especially the fact that he gives me a guy in the G.O.A.T. discussion that I can like (as opposed to Kobe). And now that you’ve got Delonte…. well.

    I hope you guys get a championship someday… Maybe a few years from now when we decide to take a year off from winning one.

  11. Actually we didnt HAVE to give up Delonte to get Allen. Seattle never had any interest in picking up his team option as he was their 3rd PG behind Ridnour and Watson. Delonte West was trade fodder because he didnt fit into our plans…..no different than Gerald Green.

  12. I actually think Delonte made the money work

  13. Hmmm…I sense a bit of arrogance…and I love it!!!

    That’s part of what fueled us to come back from a 2-0 defecit against the Pistons and win the series. And we thanked them highly for it.

    As for getting a championship someday…one day at a time is how I’ve learned to look at it now. But, we are playing you guys tonight, so it will be interesting to see how we fare against the #1 team in the East with our new squad.

  14. I would love to see D West back in green nad I think he would want to come back but whats he got left, one or two years left on his contract??

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