Passing Fancy

kevin garnett is a good passerKG is getting closer to 100%.  I think that was made clear after last night.  What we saw out west was him shaking off a lot of rust.  Looking back at it… those first two losses may have been wins if we had last night’s Garnett out there.

And maybe the most underrated aspect of Garnett’s game is his passing.  That, more than anything else, is what was missing on the west coast swing. 

This sequence from last night’s game illustrates how important Garnett’s passing is to this team.  And you can tell when KG is passing well… because Perk and Rondo’s numbers get better.  Perkins, obviously, because everyone is focused on Garnett.  Rondo, because Garnett is so good at outletting the ball, that Rondo can take off and get the ball way ahead of anyone else.  There aren’t many guys as good as Garnett when it comes to ripping down a board, turning, and firing the outlet pass.   Now that his strained ab seem to be closer to 100%, it looks like he can do all of these things with greater ease. 

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And… here’s the sequel to the Zach Randolph embarrassment.  I imagine the conversation went like this:

Randolph: “Did you see me?  Man… I was ALL OVER YouTube.”
Jamal Crawford:  “Man… that was nothin’… I could get on there too.  And I’ll bet I look like an even bigger ass”
Randolph:  “You don’t mean…”
Crawford: “Yep… the patented off-the-backboard, douchebag missed dunk”

These are Zeke’s Knicks for you.  Forget firing him… I’m shocked David Stern hasn’t put a hit out on him yet.


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