The Playoffs Begin Tonight

Make no mistake about it.  After both team claimed to have varying degrees of interest in the first two meetings… both the Celtics and the Pistons really want to send a message tonight.

Chauncey Billups: 

“At the end of the day, in the regular season, it’s just a game. But some games you get more excited than others because you have the chance to prove something.” 

Coach Flip Saunders

“You know there is an opportunity that you might play against those people in the playoffs and we’ll have to go through each other. You get a little juiced up to play them.”

The Celtics, meanwhile, have one good reason to win tonight: home court advantage.   A quirk in this year’s schedule means we only play Detroit 3 times… so holding a 2-1 edge is a huge tiebreaker to have in your back pocket as you go down the stretch.

This is going to be intense… and we’re psyched because Chuck and I will be there.  And its very appropriate that in what will feel like an old school matchup… Chuck and I are kicking it old school… and sitting in the balcony.

Interesting statistic:  The Celtics have only lost 1 game by double digits this season.  The NBA record low is 6.  Do we really think the Celtics are about to lose 5 more games by double digits this season?  Chuck has a better chance at finally losing his virginity than the the C’s do of losing 5 double-digit games.  Call me nuts… but this stat might be the most impressive of them all. 

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3 Responses

  1. Their record in games decided by 10+ points is something I’ve been throwing at my roommate lately (a Lakers fan), it is a great predictor of postseason success. The team with the best win % in ‘blowouts’ has won it all in about 35% of recent seasons. Which is pretty good, considering the remaining 65% is divided among 15 other teams.

  2. UNC332 and I will be there in our redsarmy/Sebastian Telfair gear.

    And yes that is an absurdly impressive stat. It says a lot about Kevin Garnett, and the fact that he wills this team to compete every single night. And it also shows that the games they are losing are not because of talent or fatigue, but because of a coach that continuously makes questionable decisions late in games. But I don’t want to get all negative so I’ll end it there.

  3. […] the Celtics versus the Pistons tonight. Everyone and there mom’s are saying that this is the Eastern Conference Championship preview. Boston did drop the first game against the Pistons which makes me wonder if they can pull this one […]

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