Hey… Remember These??

celtics classic road jerseyHey… remember the classic Celtics road jersey?

I miss those things. 

The last time they wore it appears to be at Golden State… on February 20th (which is where that picture came from).

I’m not trying to say that I’m upset that the Celtics are showcasing some different road jerseys.  They don’t look too bad.  In fact, I kinda like them both… including last night’s retrboston celtics retro road jerseyo “Boston” road jersey.

I’m just letting the Boston Celtics know that the fans notice these things.  We know you’re trying to sell us stuff.   And we know you’re taking advantage of the Celtics being awesome to do it… because who’s going to complain about the laundry being worn by a team that has won 50 games by early March? 

boston celtics alternate road jerseyAnd you’re right… for now.  

But just know this.  We here in Boston don’t like changes so much (Exhibit A: Fenway Park)… and we’re fond of complaining  Not only that… it wasn’t too long ago that the Celtics sucked… so those scars are still pretty fresh.  God help you if the Celtics blow it in the playoffs… on the road… in that alternate road jersey.  You’ll never be able to sell those things around here again.

Herald:  Celtics play off 50th win  |  Sam feeling the rust  |  Globe: Celtics look nifty with 50  |  Cassell rusty in debut  |  PhillyBurbs.com:  Trade changed fortunes  |  Philly Inquirer: Outside shooting sinks Sixers  |  Philadelphia Daily News:  Celtics turn off the electric  |  USA Today:  Garnett leads Celtics revival  |  Power Rankings: Rockets, Celtics 1-2 on ESPN… and on SI.

(Mini Power Rankings note:  Do the staffs at ESPN and SI really think that the Rockets would beat the Celtics right now?  Really??)


6 Responses

  1. Why wouldn’t the Rockets beat the Celtics right now?

    I often wonder what kind of record the Celtics would have right now if they weren’t in a pathetic conference. That’s why I question the Celtics being ranked #1 on any Power Rankings.

    They’re the best in the East, but they’re the best in the East.

  2. So the fact that the Rockets have played Eastern Conference teams 10 out of their last 18 games since Feb. 1 should also count against them vaulting to #1 in any power rankings, right?

  3. You know, my point really doesn’t have anything to do with the Rockets, but I’d agree that they shouldn’t be ranked #1 either.

    The problem with Power Rankings is that they are more subjective than anything else. It’s a writer’s interpretation of data, as opposed to a basic reporting of the data.

  4. I really don’t give a shit about power rankings… but I just found it interesting. I can see the argument, though. Win 19 straight… sure…. you get to sit on top for a little while.

  5. The Rockets play another couple cupcakes until they meet the C’s at the end of next week I believe. So the streak will stop at 23.

  6. Oh Reds Army, everyone knows the Cavs are going to win the playoffs.

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