The 52 Wins Was Nice, But…

paul pierce… now what ya’ got?

I hate to break it to you Celtics fans… but the “2007” portion of the 2007-2008 schedule doesn’t mean crap.  And, to be honest, the first couple of months of the “2008” aren’t worth a whole lot, either.  I’d say you can throw out…. ohhh… everything up until the Bucks game, really.

Over the next 6 days, The Celtics will face the defending NBA champions, the #1 seed in the West (and hottest team in the NBA),  A perennial contender, and the #3 seed (and the sexy pick for MVP).  Each one of these games can, to some degree, be billed as a possible NBA finals matchup.  And just to show how crazy things are… its entirely possible that #7 Dallas can be the #1 seed by the time the Celtics get home.   

So the Celtics are going to get everyone’s “A” games.  If you want a proving ground, this is it.  Nothing from game 1 to 65 really matters much.  And honestly… if this was another team… I’d be look at this trip and saying “ok… now you gotta show it to me.”  If the Celtics go 0-4, then they’ll be considered pretenders… and the talk about how weak the East really is will really ratchet up.  They really need to win at least two… and play the other two really close… for the C’s to be considered a contender.

Two “Holy Crap” stats: (1) Pittsburgh just won 4 straight games in the Big East Tournament in Madison Square Garden.  The Knicks haven’t won 4 straight in MSG since January.

(2) Denver scored 168 points last night.  In regulation.  They beat the Sonics by 52.  They managed to hoist 101 shots, and hit 61 of them (that’s 60.4%).  Seattle took 107 shots!  By contrast… when the Celtics scored 119 against the Grizzlies, they hit 47 of 81 shots.  To put up a combined 208 shots, you have to take 4.3 shots per minute… or one shot every 13.8 seconds.  That’s not even accounting for the 30 combined turnovers.  Watching that game must have been like watching a tennis match.  By the way, Denver is 40-26 and currently out of the playoffs out west.

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  2. I’m impressed that the Knicks won four straight at MSG in January.

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