The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Kevin Garnett is the most intense player person I’ve ever seen.  Everything to him is a matter of personal pride.  So to hear Minnesota’s owner accuse him of tanking just reeks of sour grapes.

[Glen] Taylor said the columnist “said a little bit last year that we sort of like tanked it. I don’t think that. I don’t like that so much. I don’t like that.

“It was more like KG tanked it. I think the other guys still wanted to play. But it sure changed the team and didn’t make us (as good).”

Look Glen, I know you’re really pissed that the Celtics are dominating while the TWolves are… well… the TWolves.  But let’s ask a simple question… what more could Kevin Garnett do?  He gave you guys everything he had… and you responded by giving him very little to compliment him.  When you did have success… you did nothing to build on it.

I credit the Wolves for making a bold move, acquiring young talent, picks and cap space.  You’re actually not in a bad position… depending on what you do in the future.  Key word:  future.  Let it go Glen.. let it go. 


4 Responses

  1. Just thought I’d these randon drunk thoughs out there KG doesn’t tank….. Sitting here in a Crappy hotel Orrville Ohio (yes be jealous of me I’m the home of Smucker’s Jelly). Right now I’m Mid-way thur an 18 pack of brew (miller high life Light) I had an epiphany, not one where my doctor said I have the liver of 72 year old Australian sailor and should quit drinking. But WOW we are pretty dam good like one of the best teams I’ve seen in years good, and Scola may be the one of the ugliest guys in the league. It’s like a cross between Steven Sagal and Corky from the life goes on, it’s just bad. On another note Powe is a stud, this guy needs more minutes. Well I’m going grab a 6 pack…………..of English muffins to go with the blackberry jelly here. Great game so far C’s by 6 or more take it to the bank.

  2. What the fuck are you doing in Orrville, Ohio (besides getting blitzed)?

  3. Wow, Jester… incredible.

  4. I’m a sales rep, I cover most of eastern ohio, so I end up in crap towns all the time. But the C’s are looking better in the 2nd half, and the Jelly goes great Beer. Who do you think is hurting us the most?

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