Trap Game

Call me crazy… but I see tonight as a classic trap game for the Celtics.  They’ve just come off huge back-to-back wins… and they’re getting ready for a huge game against New Orleans and hot MVP candidate Chris Paul on Saturday.  That leaves, amazingly, Dallas as the “easy” game on this trip. 

But no matter how you classify Dallas as an opponent… you almost have to expect a letdown after a huge comeback and the emotional blowout.  The saving grace tonight could be Ray Allen… who is itching to get back into the lineup.  He’s missed out on a lot of the fun… so he could carry the team.  Also, KG might just want to use the marquee matchup against Dirk to just show Glen Taylor a little something about tanking.

One final note (I hope) about KG and tanking.  The Rake makes perhaps the best point in this whole mess.

Because of Garnett’s sterling reputation and the frozen geography of the Timberwolves’ locale, Taylor’s calling out of his loyal superstar pretty much ensures that no prominent free agent will want to come to Minnesota in the near future.

So here are the Wolves… they finally got the balls to trade KG… get a bunch of young talent… and enough cap space to maybe lure a big name into town… and Taylor pulls this crap.  Makes you wonder… how much of Kevin McHale’s failure as a GM can be attributed to Taylor?

If you’ve got 2 minutes… check out this video of Paul Pierce, Leon Powe and Clifford Ray on a fishing trip.  It’s courtesy of my buddies over at  Here’s a tease:  Leon catches a shark, a whale showed up, and Paul Pierce talked trash and promised a championship. 

And if you want to make fun of Luis Scola, then head over to BostonSportz.

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  2. Okay… I will call you crazy. If there is ONE thing that Celtics fans have learned this year it is that we don’t take games off. There is no such thing as a trap game this year for the C’s, I thought that we had already learned that. And also, I think that many people still consider Dallas a superior team to Houston and New Orleans… after all, they are only 2 games back and by next week could be the top seed in the west.

  3. I don’t expect them to take the night off… but this could be a game where they settle for a lot more jumpers than usual. You can put in an effort… but not finish that effort off.

    I’m not sure what to expect. Maybe they will be inspired to sweep.. maybe they won’t. As much as we’ve seen this season… this is still uncharted territory

  4. I’m so sick of the phrase Trap Game. Can we just retire it? A game is a game.

  5. Its an easier way of saying “I’m concerned this is a game (insert team name) will overlook on the schedule”.

    But maybe its a little overused

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