There’s Nothing Left To Prove…

 We messed with Texas

… until the playoffs begin.

The Celtics have essentially answered every regular season question… and silenced every doubter out there.

They’ll take forever to jell… if they do at all:  They started the season 26-3

They’ve got no one after the “Big 3”:  Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins have both come up big… and just about everyone on the bench has made huge contributions.

They’ll play no D:  … ahem… best defense in the league in terms of points allowed AND opponents field goal percentage.  And Paul Pierce is playing out of his mind on the defensive end.

Detroit is really the team to beat:  We’ve beaten them twice… and lead them by 6 games.

Wait until they play the West We’re 23-4 versus the West.  We’ve beaten the current conference leader, the Lakers, by 13 and 11 points.  We’ve swept the defending champion Spurs.  And we crushed a team on a 22 game winning streak.

gino on the jumbotronKeep doubting, haters.  Now its time to coast into the postseason.  Of the next 14 games, 4 are against teams that currently have winning records (New Orleans twice, Phoenix and Washington).  The next challenge comes in the first round.  Thanks to reader Michael Dempster for the pic at the top of the post.  And Jesse Haley stepped up again with Gino… on the jumbotron in Dallas (click for full version).

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12 Responses

  1. Is Kidd giving Rondo a package check?????????

  2. We beat the Lakers when they DIDN’T have Gasol, let’s not talk about beating the Lakers until we beat them with Gasol.

  3. But we did beat the Lakers when they had Bynum. Seriously….how come no one is critical of the Lakers…and the fact that they aren’t built for the playoffs? (i.e. a soft team who doesn’t play D)

  4. Please…. what the hell is Gasol going to do to stop anyone? He’s not going to D anyone up. Pierce takes Odom, KG takes Gasol and Perk takes Bynum. Kobe can score whatever he wants… the rest of them won’t do shit against our D.

  5. […] to 3 NBA titles Larry Brown Sports Kevin Garnett doesn’t deny he tanked Red’s Army There’s nothing left to prove Eagle Tribune These Celts have it all, especially pride Shamrock Headband Look in the mirror Lex […]

  6. I’m a little sick of this whole “Texas Triangle” thing. This was a 5 game road trip, and we have yet to play New Orleans, who has a better record than any of those Texas teams. Look, all three of those teams were tough, let’s be honest San Antonio’s run is coming to an end, Houston will be out in the first round, and Dallas is struggling just to stay in the playoffs. The Lakers are the top team in the west, and New Orleans is second. So this road trip isn’t over until we beat New Orleans on Saturday.

    And just to chime in on the Lakers thing, John and Chuck, have you seen these guys play lately? They are far and away the best team in the west. I hate their guts, but I can still respect what they’ve done.

  7. I just think we match up well with the Lakers. As analysts say, “It’s all about matchups in the playoffs.” You think LA will beat SA in a first round series? I am not sure of that…

  8. It remains to be seen, and I would NEVER count the Spurs out, but yes I would expect the Lakers to win that. But I agree about us matching up well…. not because of specific matchups, but rather because we match up well with everyone. I fear nobody.

  9. I’ve seen the Lakers continue to give up more than 100 points a game… meaning their defense is still a concern.

    Over the last 10 games, Minnesota, Chicago, New Jersey, Charlotte and Philly are all among the teams giving up fewer points than the Lakers.

    Meanwhile.. The Celtics lead the league in points allowed. Over the last 10 games, the C’s are giving up 87 ppg… the Lakers are giving up 104. C’s opponents are shooting 38%, Lakers opponents 45%.

    So I reiterate my stand on the Lakers. Yes… they’re better than they were before. That’s obvious. But the Gasol trade did NOTHING to improve their most glaring weakness… which is defense.

    And what does defense do?

    That’s right… win championships

  10. Kidd was spreading his shooting herpes all night. That picture certainly explains Rondo’s night. I didn’t seem him grope Cassell but after a 1-9 night, it had to happen at some point. And of course, Paul was 9-9 at the line until Kidd infected his shooting hand on that hard foul on the breakway. Naturally Kidd acted surprised a foul was called to deflect attention from what he actually had done.

  11. Damn reds so biased can’t admit are the best team in da west now plz u know we r da best team in da west I know this starting lineup gives all celtic fan chills down ur spine
    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Lamar Odom
    PF Pau Gasol
    C Andrew Bynum

    When healthy who is gonna mess with that height and our bench mob

  12. When healthy? Ajay… you guys won’t be healthy until the WNBA playoffs.

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