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We Boston fans have been accused of being… well… smug a-holes.  I can personally attest to Red’s Army being cited around the web as a shining example of douche-baggery.  But maybe we’re not living in the age where its ok to be a sore winner anymore.  Maybe in today’s ‘everyone gets a trophy’ world, we need to be nicer.  So I suggest going to, and send one to your favorite Heat, Knicks, Bucks or even 76’ers fan.  It will make them feel better knowing that we’re not forgetting the also-rans.

The Celtics go for the season sweep of Philadelphia today.  In fact… the Celtics are going for sweeps of New York, Miami and New Jersey over the rest of the schedule… with the lone Atlantic Division blemish so far being a 2 point loss to Toronto.  The C’s have beaten Philly by an average of 17 points this year.  While I’m an advocate of cutting back the minutes of our older starters… I’m fully aware that it might mean dropping a game like the one tonight.  And trust me… it’s possible.  Because as I explained before… the Celtics are the viagra of basketball… so Philly is going to really get up for a chance to upset the big dogs in their own house.  Just ask Willie Green.

“We want to beat Boston, even if it’s only one game. They’re a tough team, a team you measure yourself against. It’s important for us to just leave it all on the floor and see what happens.”

Herald:  Quick to the point  |  Globe: No matter the hardwood, Rondo on a roll  |  Philly Daily News:  Dalembert earning better grades in hoops education  |  Hoopsworld:  Send Jess Camerato emails for her courtside blog tonight  |  SI:  Arenas sad, still sidelined  |  Video:  Sheed flips out after 11th tech of the year  (note: Kobe leads the NBA with 13, by the way.  You won’t hear him labled as a crybaby though… will you?) 


6 Responses

  1. I’m probably going to get that one… a lot.

  2. Don’t forget, we’ve also swept the season series with the Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Spurs, Spurs, Spurs, Spurs, Rockets, Rockets, Rockets, Mavs, Mavs, Mavs, Mavs and Mavs.

    F-you Western conference.

  3. Drat you…I downloaded a couple of those last week to put on my blog. Then got lost in posts…guess I’ve got to come up with something else now. They have a fabulous one that says: Maybe you’ll feel better knowing I won money on your teams loss.

  4. Chuck, stutter much?

    Philly is a good team too…could easily end up with the 5 seed in the east. First game back off that long trip, it wouldn’t be impossible, as you said, to drop this one. That said…. we will win by 20 because we are the Celtics and every other teams sucks in comparison.

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